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Shopping The Scintillating World of Sterling Silver Jewelry For Gifts

Silver, one of the most precious metals on earth, never ceases to fascinate with its beauty and brilliance. It is symbolic of classic simplicity. Silver is also versatile. Throughout history, it has been used for both aesthetic and functional purposes such as flatware, decorative art, coins, armor and jewelry. Silver, like the other precious metals such as gold, platinum, and titanium, are crafted into exquisite pieces of jewelry that is both beautiful and versatile. And since silver is the most common of all precious metals, it is also more affordable. Thus, silver jewelry is an outstanding choice for anyone who wants precious, beautiful yet relatively inexpensive jewelry. Sterling silver can be crafted into different jewelry pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants, charms and chains.

Silver comes in different types. Fine silver is silver in its natural state and is 99% pure. However, fine silver is too soft and is almost too liquid to be crafted into any product. Sterling silver, on the other hand is a mixture of fine silver and another metal alloy. Fine silver is combined with a metal such as copper to make jewelry that is more durable and long lasting. Sterling silver is 925 parts silver to 75 of copper. Jewelers create beautiful, shiny and brilliant pieces of sterling silver jewelry that is commonly mistaken for precious metals that are more expensive. Although sterling silver will likely tarnish because of the presence of other metals, they can easily be maintained in their excellent, shiny and attractive condition through regular cleaning and proper care.

Silver plating is an inexpensive and more durable alternative to sterling silver. In silver plating, a base metal is coated with a layer of pure silver. Because the amount of silver in the jewelry is lower, it is generally less expensive. However, silver plated jewelry will need a fresh coating of silver every few years to maintain its luster and to prevent the base metal from peeking through. Silver plated jewelry and other accoutrements are some of the most popular silver products as they are inexpensive and readily available. Other forms of silver include nickel silver, which is not silver but a combination of other metals that resemble silver.

Sterling silver jewelry is lustrous, reflective and elegant. However, since silver is softer than most precious metals, it is more prone to scratches, abrasions, dents and other damages. It can also tarnish over time due to chemical reactions. However, through proper car and maintenance measures, silver jewelry can be maintained in their attractive shiny and lustrous condition. Sterling silver should be regularly cleaned using a cleaner or a polishing solution at least once a month to maintain its sheen. Soft cloth must be used when cleaning silver jewelry to avoid scratches and other irreparable damages. Washing it with water and a mild detergent after it is worn is a simple and easy way to preserve the shine and luster of silver jewelry.

Elegant, simple and lustrous: silver is an exceptional choice for people who want sophisticated jewelry that is not as expensive as other precious metals. Sterling silver jewelry is the perfect accessory whatever the dress of choice of the wearer is. Silver is classic. It easily adapts to the changing fashion trends. With its simple, scintillating allure, sterling silver jewelry is one of the treasures you will cherish forever.

Fashion Jewellery Is Not Gender Specific

With the evolving times other aspect of the life has also been changing. One such aspect of the life is the jewellery. The jewellery design has gone through its own revolution. Today, one new genre of jewellery has evolved and have been famously accepted, that is the fashion jewellery. The availability of fashion jewellery online in India has removed jewellery based gender bias among the customer. This is a new concept, it has been there for centuries that men has been adorning jewellery and still do it.  The fashion jewellery is for both the gender that is for the men and women.  Both the regular and virtual market is full of fashion jewellery for men and women, be it bracelets, chains and earrings and many more. Given this fact it surprises that jewellery is still tagged to be women gender oriented product.

Some claims that this notion was imported by the British as this was prevalent in the Victorian era that jewellery is feminine in nature and man adorning it is a stigma to the manhood. As mention before this prevalent in the Victorian era England especially as the fashion was going through a turbulent change with the inception of the industrial revolution and workers class. This as a concept was pushed to brink in India given the fact that it was duration when it was common for Indian man to wear jewellery. It was soft strategies for creating an air of inferiority and superiority, among the native and the new colonial rulers.  Men have been wearing jewellery for centuries not only in India but in other places also including Europe too. It is common folklore that many of the European style of jewellery were brought to India along with Alexander the Great, when he invaded India.  In the fashion jewellery segment trendy jewelleries are for both men and women.

Earring: The fashion jewellery has Kundan and Menakari based earrings and trendy loops for female whereas for men there is section of studs and Bali’s to choose from. The fashion jewellery designers make a gender distinction in the design of the jewellery.
Chains: The chains are commonly adorned by both men and women. This is the reason that the fashion jewellery section has whole range of chain design for men and women which segregated by their designs.
Rings: Similar to the chains rings are also adorned by male and female. Currently fashion jewellery has introduced geometric designs, animal structure, and design that mix the tradition, ethnic with the contemporary style.

The lack of distinction in the fashion jewellery on the basis of gender allures both men and women to buy fashion jewellery online in India and abroad.

Beads for handmade beaded jewelry

There are many kinds of jewelry beads, which you can add to your jewelry design. Based on size, shape, origin, etc jewelry beads were classified. The first step in making beaded Jewelry is to understand the types of beads. Here are top 5 china wholesale beads in 2011 which is mostly common used in recent years.
Metal beads are generally used as spacers to add a metallic shimmer and enhance the beauty of glass or semi-precious beads. Found in various intricate designs, sizes and shapes, metal beads add character to any piece of jewelry. Most commonly used metals include gold, silver, Indian brass, Bali or Thai silver, sterling silver, bronze, and platinum.
Acrylic Beads and resin beads, the two wholesale beads are also popular in recent years, one material. Because of its cheap, colors, styles, strong adaptability and other characteristics not easily damaged by many young MM sought after.This is also one of the recent material usage is high. Its bright color, size is more complete, the price is relatively low, but by the bead enthusiasts.
Stunning and elegant, crystal beads add a touch of spark and glamorous finish to jewelry. They are made by cutting leaded glass at multi-faceted angles to enhance the beauty of the jewelry. The finest crystal beads are found in a range of colors, sizes, and finishes.
Pandora beads first originated in Copenhagen, Denmark, and then spread over the world fast because of its magical beauty and grace. For people believe by wearing it, they can have good fortune. Like other jewelry items, Pandora beads are usually mixed and matched to create Pandora jewelry, which is basically charm beads jewelry to every one’s delight. Pandora jewelry is well known for their amazing designs and styles, and it’s also known for its magical charm to bring its wearer charisma. Just because Pandora jewelry this much personal and unique, it has become so popular that it has taken the jewelry making world by storm. The best choice for you is to buy them from china wholesale beads online store. Because many beads wholesale online stores can provide you a large selection. Making your own jewelry from know!

Handmade Jewelry Techniques

Jewelry shopping is very popular to those savvy customer that are addicted with the beauty and elegance of jewelry. But this kind of activity, especially for women are very expensive because many jewelry artisan sold there items at a high cost, that includes all their expenses. Lots of money will be saved if people would know how to make their own jewelry. Some would probably disregard this idea, as they would think that handmade jewelry is not as good as those jewelry sold at stores, made from well known artist. However, handmade jewelry are more likely appreciated if they are just made nice enough to be worn.

Notice that there are now lots of jewelry making tutorials that can teach you how to make your own jewelry. Not only that, they can also teach you on how you can obtain materials and tools needed to get started with jewelry making. The demand for jewelry continuously grow, and you may as well consider jewelry making tutorial for you to also learn how to make your own jewelry, this can also be a good chance for you of taking the lead to the newest trends in fashion jewelry.

As I’ve said earlier, commercial jewelry are sold at a high cost – mostly overpriced. Considering the value of the metals and stones needed are quite high, an amount of labor cost are being added also. Now, obtaining materials probably not a problem for you because you can always buy materials at a wholesale cost, but saving loads of money by creating your own jewelry eliminates the labor cost you are actually paying when you buy commercialize jewelry. And this might be a great opportunity for you to start your own handmade jewelry business.

Think about this, beautiful jewelries are made with jewelry makers, and jewelry makers learned jewelry making through tutorials. So the point is, you too can make your own beautiful jewelry creation if you will just consider taking jewelry making tutorial lesson. The only exception of jewelry makers from you is if they happened to take apprenticeship for this craft. But if you really desire to make this craft possible, for sure you will, it is just a matter of how much time and money you will invest to this venture.

There are many sources for jewelry making tutorial like tutorials in books, ebooks, Internet, and seminars. These sources of jewelry making tutorial can really give benefits to you, whether jewelry making is just your mere hobby or you are into jewelry making business.

A Handmade Jewelry Comes in Different Forms, it could be a precious stone , a mineral, or a metal. A jewelry is made for the purpose of beauty and luxury. History tells us that jewelry was once used by primitive men as a symbol of praise to their gods and as well as ornaments in the body. Jewelry derived from the Latin word jocale which mean plaything.

Jewelry has been used by early mankind, archeological findings and studies suggests that ornaments or jewelries was once used to strap in the clothings as a lock. But as mankind progresses, jewelry was used as a form of ornament, as well as a charms and other symbolic item in which they gave importance to drive away demons, sickness and as well attracting good life and luck. Early known jewelry are believed to be shells and other basic materials in which man could pick and stick it up in their clothing or body. Handmade Jewelry are a basic principle in which early man had developed and which later generations had followed with the help of machinery.

Handmade jewelries are nice, creative, and had no patterns or whatsoever to perfect. Its just a flow in which an artistic mind of a person flows in a continuous wave to create his or her own jewelry. As with the early ancestors, they dont use any machines to make a jewelry. Making Handmade Jewelry is Fun. Its relaxing and also a cheap gift for all occasions.

How To Take Care Of Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold-plating is usually used as party or costume jewelry. However, if you are unable to afford gold or gold-filled jewelry, there are several steps you can take to preserve your gold-plated jewelry.

1. Keep gold-plated jewelry away from hard surfaces. Bumps and scratches will cause the gold layer to wear away faster.
2. Store your gold-plated jewelry in a velvet lined jewelry box, or wrap it in a soft material that will prevent scratches.
3. Lightly wipe your gold-plated jewelry with a damp cotton cloth. This will help to eliminate any dirt or dust from accumulating on the surface and wearing away the gold layer.
3. Use a non-abrasive jewelry polishing cloth and gently rub the gold-plated jewelry to restore shine.
4. Take the gold-plated jewelry to a local jeweler where they can replace the gold layer. This may be necessary if the gold-plating has already started to wear off. Check with your local jeweler to see what they charge for this service.

With the changing trends, gold plated Jewelry has ruled the fashion industry. When today gold Jewelry is like a dream to afford and wear with rising prices, the gold plated Jewelry has opened up the options to wear the fabulous choice of jewelry with the marching outfits on special occasions.

If, you are out for Jewelry shopping, checking out gold plated Jewelry can prove to be wise move. Basically this type of Jewelry has got the silver base having a thin layer of gold polish on the surface and can be easily located for online shopping on internet.
Since the layer of gold polish is very thin, it has a tendency to get wear away with time even if one preserves it properly. The wearing process hardly takes any time. This type of Jewelry is also known as costume or party Jewelry, it is hardly used for regular use. But still care and proper precautions to keep it in a wearable state is important. So, here we have few steps mentioned that will guide you about the apt ways of caring for your gold plated jewelry.

Few of the crucial care tips for gold plated Jewelry advices to keep the Jewelry away from the getting in touch with hard surfaces. Make sure that it doesnt get the bumps or scratches that are highly prone to cause wearing away of the gold layer from its surface.

It is advised to store your gold plated Jewelry in a box having an inner velvet lining. Else than this, one can also keep safe such type of Jewelry in a soft cloth material. Always clean your ornament using a damp cotton cloth.

To restore the shine, use a non-abrasive Jewelry polishing. Once it gives signs of wearing away, take the jewelry ornaments to the local gold Jewelry and can handover the task of polishing after confirming the charges.

When it comes to Jewelry shopping, gold plated jewellery is easily available online. With few clicks you can trace all such sources. Online shopping has made it convenient for one to check out all the crucial details, designs and compare prices from the vast range of choices given.

How to keep your Jewelry safe while you travel

Whether you’re going on a short vacation or an extended business trip, it’s important to keep your jewelry safe while you’re traveling. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your jewelry safe while you’re on a trip.

  • You should keep a detailed list of the jewelry that you brought with you. You may also want to use your camera phone or digital camera to take pictures of the jewelry that you brought with you on your trip in the event that it ends up stolen or misplaced.
  • Keep all your jewelry in your carry-on in a jewelry organizer or a bag.
  • Use a Lock or a PacSafe keep your jewelry safe while in your carry-on.
  • Before you book your hotel be sure to look at all of the safety reviews in regards to theft.
  • Always keep your jewelry physically on you don’t leave your jewelry bag in an unattended hotel room or check your jewelry bag with Hotel staff.

Remember jewelry thieves have the tendency to frequent tourist attractions particularly those that would attract affluent tourists.

  • Be hyper-vigilant in the airports, bus and train stations because jewelry thieves have the tendency to frequent these areas as well.
  • Distracted people have the tendency to be targeted so be sure to stay off your cell phone or any electronic device while you are in public as much as possible.
  • When in public turn your engagement ring’s Diamond so it’s facing the inside of your palm.

Don’t wear your jewelry while swimming or engaging in other activities where you may be prone to lose it.

  • Contact your insurance company and see if there is a particular policy that will cover your jewelry while you’re traveling. If not purchase a standalone travel insurance plan. Remember homeowner’s insurance only insurers your jewelry up to $1,000.
  • Use the in-room safe to keep your jewelry secure.

Now that you know how to keep your jewelry safe while traveling be sure to utilize these methods on your next trip.  And to book your next trip visit Groupon Coupons for

Danish Goldsmiths are miracle workers

It is said that “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”. It holds such relevance and truth while defining a goldsmith. When a normal person sees a metal, a goldsmith sees intricacy and designs. He is someone who makes beautiful jewelry and showcases his art by changing the face of metal. Often called as metal worker, goldsmith is no less than miracle worker. Working day and night with full dedication, these miracle worker brings in all the bling in the lives of people adorning the women and men and making sure that when they wear their gold, it is not just metal but a creative piece of art which is appreciated by all.


Goldsmith is not an ordinary person and requires lot of skills and attributes because while creating art, lot of things are required like:

As mentioned earlier, goldsmith is a true artists who needs to boost up his/her creativity to maximum. He is someone who has the eye for detailing and design and does not shy away from great art by experimenting. Making jewelry is what is required from goldsmith but when it comes to making something of nothing, a whole new world of possibility is out there which needs an edge of creativity.

    Most of the work done by the goldsmith is of detailing which requires hours of sitting and concentration. Therefore, a good goldsmith is someone who has a lot of patience and persistence. It is only then that he can come up with great designs and make art that is inspiring and gorgeous. Perseverance is also one of the important attributes of a goldsmith.
    If you look at any great piece of jewelry, you would see the minute detailing and designing which makes it more special. The more detailing you see in jewelry, the more expensive it gets. For such compilation of elaborated designs, the goldsmith needs to work superbly well with accuracy and must possess great eyesight because most of the work requires constant eyeing to the details.
    A goldsmith is not just about his eyes and creativity. For any piece of art to be produced in a best way, the coordination between eye and hand of the goldsmith needs to be explicable. The best results in terms of jewelry making come with the perfect coordination which produces exactly things as they are seen by goldsmith.
    Goldsmith is someone who creates everything from nothing. It is talent and skill based work which makes goldsmith a creator of things. This is not a work where targets are achieved and reports are made, therefore, a goldsmith needs to truly love what he does so that he can make magic from his art. He needs to be a visionary and believe in beauty.

Goldsmith, in Danish “guldsmed”, is someone whose work involves casting gold, bending, cutting, filing, hammering, spinning and so much more which comes apart from just designing. He repairs and remodels the jewelry and works with precious and semi- precious stones. They just not make jewelry but create memorable pieces of art for selling. They acquire special knowledge, skills and attributes which make them pro in their work. Their working conditions are sometimes harsh and therefore they have to be real hard working and persistence in the work they do. These days special education and training courses are also available to able to develop those skills in a better and refined way. A specialized training makes them a specialist.

The Multifarious Benefits Of Wearing Amber Jewelry

We need to supplement our efforts to improve our heath by increasing the use of natural healing aids. In todays hectic lifestyles, it has become popular to promote the use of natural products. This will reduce our dependency on chemical drug based formulations and enable us to lead a healthy life for many years. Did you know that amber jewelry is one of the potent natural resources that we can utilize to rid ourselves of many of the common ailments that are prevalent in many communities today. To get the proper benefits from wearing jewelry such as amber rings, you must ensure that the amber gem touches some part of your body. This is the only method to assure the heath benefits from wearing this rare gemstone. Because of the healing properties of amber, they are handed over from one generation to another as a family heirloom.

It is believed that amber jewelry possesses remarkable health benefits as it is a product of a resin that has been fossilized for many hundreds of years. Some people were quick to discover that amber had medicinal properties when they came into contact with amber. Further scientific research into this field has contributed a body of evidence in support of the healing powers that amber gems possess. It has been proved that the healing powers have been embedded in the core of the resinous jewelry at the time of fossilization. For instance, a short string of beads in an amber necklace brings relief to the person who wears them.

Amber jewelry brings specific relief from problems of the head, neck and throat. This is why wearing an amber necklace is considered to be a way of ensuring the continuing health of the nasal passage. An amber bracelet is recommended to those suffering from rheumatism and arthritis. It also reduced fatigue and a feeling of weariness. This is one of the reasons why wearing amber jewelry is recommended for those above the age of fifty. You can get elegantly crafted jewelry embellished with amber from the popular jewelry stores and use it to get health benefits as you get along in age.

Rubbing the body with amber was also recommended. This technique is applied in many wellness hotels and spas today. It is also said that amber was a major ingredient in preparing medicines for respiratory illnesses and ailments of the circulatory system. The multiple health benefits that you can get from wearing amber jewellery should be reason enough to get yourself a fine piece of silver jewelry embedded with amber stones soon enough. Apart from the benefits of wearing amber jewelry, the gem is also utilized in a mixture while preparing many medicinal concoctions as it improves the potency of the main medicinal ingredient.

It is a popularly held notion that the use of amber jewellery ensures health and good luck. This notion may have its roots in the diverse healing benefits that you can expect when you continuously wear jewelry such as an amber necklace or amber rings.

The Cartier Jewelry And India

India is a mysterious soil, atmosphere and nutrients she always gives birth to an unparalleled startlingly ambitious. Religions and civilizations were here for a long time, which was deified and legends from generation to generation here. India seems to always flowing blood in the blood of the ancient civilization, even though times have changed, marshes, and she is still wearing a colorful sari, stick to the share of fantastic legend.

Here, Cartier hear that some belong to Sharjah Taj Khan and the love story and see the singing and dancing, extravagant fantasy of the “Bollywood”, also felt the sun god “Surya” the sacred and the days of women “Apsara” the temptation to appeal … … therefore, it was not difficult to find these precious cultural mark, Cartier’s art treasures in the shine.

In India, the jewel has a long history. The fourth century BC, the Indians found a diamond, and began to make jewelry with diamonds, not only that, India is also rich in precious stones and a variety of colors Banlan traditional gem cutting process. Thousands of years of civilization has made India into a mysterious, very charming country.

In the eyes of the designer Cartier the typical of many elements and colorful Indian gems, , seemingly traditional, but were full of infinite elements of novelty and creativity, this burst of passion. The creation of a strong desire was always be able to Cartier to maximize the expressive process. This country is full of spiritual mystery, Cartier was given an endless supply of inspiration.

Ancient civilization was produced from the time of precipitation, the ultimate in luxury after years of grinding. The legend between Cartier and the Indian, the beautiful flew through time and space, bearing endless dream. Today, in this land of mysterious and modern, Cartier most magnificent bloom of the flowers on earth.

Cartier holmium panties Ze Meng, “Um tons of meat Liu Catalpa

Glamorous stunning Cartier “mysterious India,” fine jewelry, beauty, when it happened meet the Italian beauty Monica treasure. Bayrou Sarkozy, stunning moment was rather sufficiently stirred.

The luxurious king entrusted the Patiala necklace like the legend, luxurious and elegant Majestic. Beautiful diamond ring in the chain and one weighed 12 carats of round diamonds against the backdrop of 37.88 kt pear-shaped which was emerald Guanghua endless pool. Rich gem color exudes luxury exotic temptations. Cartier aesthetic perspective use modern interpretation of traditional Indian style, The Meaning of boundless beauty is hold in your breath.

Stainless Steel Wholesale Jewelry

The world’s leading 316l stainless steel manufacturer. Wholesale body jewelry supplier with an outstanding collection of Stainless Steel jewelry for men and women., the wholesaler of stainless steel jewelry with the huge collections, unique designs and top quality. manufacturer supplies men jewelry in bracelets, cuff links, earring – hoops and ear studs, bangle and rings. gives a guarantee, that our online wholesale body jewelry is a low cost.

Our bulk body jewelry of 316l stainless steel has earring styles in mix designs 316l stainless steel earring, mix logo design 316l stainless steel ear stud, anodized laser cut 316l stainless steel hoop earrings and 316l laser cut stainless steel hoop earrings.

Men jewelry bangle : in mix design, 316l Tiny Laser Cut Stainless Steel Bangle, 316l Flower Cut Stainless Steel Bangle, 316l Jeweled Stainless Steel Bangle, 316l Fancy Cut Stainless Steel Bangle, 316l Arrow Cut Stainless Steel Bangle, 316l Fancy Plain Stainless Steel Bangle, 316l Laser Cut Stainless Steel Bangle and 316l Chess Board Stainless Steel Bangle.

Bracelet : Mix Design 316l Stainless Steel , 316l Fancy Plain Stainless Steel Bracelet, 316l Stainless Steel Watch Strap Bracelet, Two Tone 316l Stainless Steel, Engraved Ice Link Bicycle 316l Stainless Steel, 316l Stainless Steel Bracelet with Fiber, 316l Stainless Steel Plain Chain Engraved Stainless Steel Bracelet and a 316l Charms Dangling Stainless Steel Bracelet.

Cuff-links – The cuff links is a combination of Stainless Steel and Matte Black Enamel.

Rings – Laser Cut Spinning 316l Stainless Steel ring, laser cut 316l Stainless Steel ring an anodized laser cut 316l Stainless Steel ring. gives the best and serves the best!

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Perfect Style Statement, Silver Jewelry

Silver is used by mankind since we found its versatility. Silver jewelry is famous worldwide. It has its own charm and beauty. Whether you are shopping for any festival or to gift any loved ones, silver jewelry is the best option. You can wear it daily or on any occasion. Available for both men and women it makes a style statement and follows the customs at the same time. It includes Silver Pendants, rings(In Danish fingerringe), Bracelets, Chains, and silver Necklaces. These are available in different designs and creations as well as they are very durable and affordable. Most of them are handmade. It starts with traditional and goes to modern and contemporary ornaments.

Necklaces made with silver are part of jewelry from ancient civilization. These are adornments to drape the neck made with a continuous chain or band. No matter what you are wearing; just wear a silver necklace and it will give an elegant and graceful look. It has its unique shine that cannot be matched by any other metal. Silver Necklaces(In Danish halskde) are made mainly with stones embedded in silver metal. It is one of the most common jewelry to make a fashion statement. The wide range of silver necklaces gives a striking look especially when attached to a locket or pendant. These pendants can be made by stones like rubies, emeralds etc. Designers make necklaces beautiful by using pearls and corals.

These come in beautiful designs which can fit any ladys personality, in fact can make it better. Some jewelers have mastered the various skills required in making silver necklaces like molding, setting stones, making thin wires of silver, and gilding. The distinct styles given by jewelers to the silver necklaces made jewelry market upfront level. The different types of silver used in making the necklaces are German silver, Sterling and Pre silver.

There are several kind of necklaces are said to be a marital bliss, one of them is Silver Necklace. The various kinds of Silver Necklaces are of different styles where the necklace is studded with precious and semi precious stones. One more is filigree work where leaves, butterflies, and other shapes and designs are made by silver of different thickness.

The price of silver has gone down in last few days, so this is the best option if you love wearing jewelries.

Pearl Jewelry

Pearl Jewelry is a very popular form of jewelry and can be worn by the women of any age unlike other jewelries. Wearing pearls make you look elegant and beautiful. Another interesting fact about this kind of jewelry is it is less expensive than other jewelries like gold or diamond jewelry.

Process of formation of pearls is very interesting. It can take hundreds of years to make a pearl. A pearl is a hard and round object which is made by some animal like oysters. Besides getting used in jewelry, pearls are used in certain paint and cosmetic formulations. Pearl used in jewelries s cultivated or harvested.

Pearls are of different kinds having different shapes, colors and texture. The beauty and value of the pearl is determined by the luster, size, symmetry and color. In addition to these factors, it is also checked for presence of any flaws on the surface. The value of pearl jewelry is increased by the right balance between the color, luster and size of the pearl. According to jewelers, more the luster of the pearl, better is the quality of the pearl. However, larger pearls are expensive if all other factors are equal.

It is quite difficult to find perfectly round pearls which are highly priced. Jewelry designers often search for such pearls. Pearls are often used in designing jewelry pieces like rings, earrings, choker, necklaces, bangles and more. You must have seen tear-drop pearls in pendants. There are irregular shaped pearls also which are used in necklaces.

You can find pearl Jewellery made of pearls of many shapes. These pear shapes include round, semi-round, and drop, pear, oval and baroque. Most expensive of all shapes is perfectly round shaped pearls and usually used in necklaces or string of pearls. Semi-round shaped pearls are used in various jewelry pieces like bangles where they can disguised like round pearls. Again button pearls, which are flattened, are used to design necklaces, pendants and earrings. They look like larger pearls.

To maintain the shine and look of the shine and look of the pearls for years, you need to care them. Be sure to wear the jewelry only after you have applied makeup and perfume or creams. When you take off your pearl jewelry, wipe them clean using a lint-free soft cloth. You can dampen the cloth but after cleaning allow the pearls to air dry. Do not clean the pearls with ammonia or harsh detergents. Avoid abrasive cleaners as they can wear away the nacre coating on the pearls.

Pearl Jewellery can be worn on any occasion. It is light, inexpensive and really beautiful.

New Trend For Wholesale Jewelry From China

Recently, there is a new wholesale jewelry trend that appear around the whole world. In the past, However now according to the growth of web business, more and more businessmen choose to wholesale jewelry from China over the Internet. It is , energy-saving and very express.

At first, lots of jewellry vendees would like to buy wholesale jewelry from China through Alibaba. Even So, frankly speaking, there will be no advantage on wholesaling jewellry from Alibaba since the suppliers or makers have to pay a large number of money for the exhibiting advertisings in order to make the prospects that on the homepage. The vendors must make the excess money they old for ads from the immediate emptor.

In the event, a new wholesale jewelry trend raise and produced. It is web wholesale jewelry store. All these online jewellry shops are controlled and controlled by the jewelry traffickers themselves. Therefore, they do not demand to pay worldwide number of adverts tip. Perhaps they need some promotion ones to promote their site in the Google and Yahoo. Yet, the price is smaller. In proportion, they can provide real low-priced wholesale jewelry prices for the vendees.

Before, emptor have to be worried about the sending fee, shipping time and risk of losing money without obtaining the goods. All these problems have got decided nowadays. DHL, UPS, FeDex and EMS can give the shipping time nice short. Besides you can use some other fast shipping directions to spare money and time. Last, numerous wholesale jewelry purchasers favour to pay for the goodnesses by Paypal that can ensure your welfares of online shopping. You do not need to worry about missing money even if you do not get the goods.

Thence, wholesale jewelry from China cheap through the Internet has become more and more popular now. Based on a master enquiry on jewellery wholesale industry, nearly 70% jewelry trade&business are done through the Internet. Web business will turn another big another wholesale jewelry trend in the coming.

navratna jewelry

Synthetic jewellery may easily go with your financial status and you could very well generate options from a broad number of types

You will end up spoilt for the choices that you’re going to help get to make. The artificial jewelry can also have imitation jewels that you desire. It’s a high-quality option that will show off fashion jewelry instead of selecting the genuine stone studded pieces which appropriate your dollars. Possibly one of the most outstanding options available in artificial jewellery is costume jewelry items. These kind of jewelry pieces can be found for price ranges a lot less than a person might possibly

artificial jewelry may be acquired online and you may make your choices from a huge wide range as well as designs of jewellery. Man-made jewellery has been about for many years and even the rich people used the synthetic types of their jewelry. Fashion jewellery that is available these days in the industry appears as good as the gold jewellery. You will never have to have in order to fret concerning the damage of the jewelry because it doesn’t cost considerably. In gold jewellery, there may be a small selection or types however with man made fashion jewellery, you will be able in order to find pieces matching each dress which you have. You need to help realise that manufactured jewellery rarely go out of favor.

The designs of the fashion jewellery tend to be attention getting and it can also be termed faux and costume jewellery. Indian jewellery types are usually highly sought after all around the world. Imitation jewelry can be purchased at cost people really like and it is fashioned in a method that it appears just like the gold one. It is actually better in order to don fashion jewellery or old jewelry to conserve dollars and look pretty. The price tags of gold are overpriced and this is without doubt one of the explanations how come most of the the folks nowadays like acquiring manufactured jewellery.

If you are style mindful and want in order to obtain jewelry pieces that turn into the talk of the town, there is nothing much better as compared with the fashion jewelry pieces. The jewelry collection consists of earrings, necklaces and bangles. Your purchase might be wasted. With the sum which you expended on the gold jewellery, you can actually acquire a variety of pieces of artificial jewellery and even in the event the style went out, you should certainly not feel bad. The fashion jewellery is created using reasonably priced elements and because of this, it is economical. Manufactured jewellery gives you the worth of your money so you could acquire as many pieces matching with your dresses. Move your choices from gold to fashion jewelry and look gorgeous at a reasonable price.

indian costume jewelry

Fashion Jewelry Or Gold jewelry? Indian Gold Colored Bangle

Designer Silver Earrings

Inspired by the Past, Designed for the Future

Designer silver jewelry has always been the most loved embellishments adorned by women since ages. Women love to flaunt their very basic instinct for sterling silver jewelry in every way possible. Sometimes you feel like you can’t get enough of it! To gratify this craving for designer silver jewelry, Sara Aghvamy takes you to a journey towards her divine creation by pampering the old classic signature jewelry designs and unifying it with contemporary ideas.

It is not just women who love to exhibit their fondness for exquisite silver jewelry, but men on the other hand are equally more attracted to women wearing designer silver earrings. Did you ever notice a woman appearing splendid and elegant where she was sparkling her silver earrings and waiting for someone with equal poise and impatience?
All the sterling silver jewelry will definitely have a story to tell after you grace them with your natural charm. These beautiful thoughts are well kept in mind beforehand and embedded into exquisite designer silver earrings that includes an enormous collection of silver earrings that would simply leave you mesmerized.

A keen eye has been devoted to intense details and classic finishings of these custom made silver ornaments. Not only is attention paid to their designs, but an equal amount of care is dedicated towards the quality of precious metals and gemstones that get imported from all over the world to make these beautiful jewelry pieces exclusively for you. You will come across jewelry that is beautifully crafted in silver, gold and other precious metals comforting your needs for every occasion. Luxury, panache and intricate designer silver earrings are designed for your routine as well as for episodic events.

Sterling silver jewelry has been a most appropriate gift that you can ever give to show your feelings towards a person. Don’t hold back all the powerful designing thoughts that are swirling in your mind. Let us know about them, and we shall craft stylish, unique and refined designer silver jewelry just for you!

Our Designer Silver Earring products are :
a. Silver earring on 18k gold plated setting with red Garnet
b. Silver earring with Peridot
c. Silver earring on yellow 18k gold plated setting with Garnet
d. Silver earring with blue Topaz on 18k white gold plating
e. Silver Earring with green Amethyst and white Topaz on 18k old plated setting
f. Silver earring with natural Peridot on 18k gold plated setting
g. Silver earring with blue Topaz
h. Silver earring with blue Topaz on 18k gold plated setting
i. Silver earring with pink Quartz on 18k white gold plated setting
j. Silver earring with natural Aquamarine on 18k white gold plated settings

AuDBling is jewelry and accessories for audiologists

The AudBling Story

As I was window shopping one day, a jewelry display caught my eye. I went a little closer and was delighted at what I saw. The sterling silver and shell jewelry in the window had a very distinctive…and familiar…characteristic.

“That’s cochlea jewelry!” I exclaimed to no one in particular. I had never seen such a beautiful combination of sterling silver and shell that, to me, symbolized audiology, a profession I love dearly.

And then it hit me! This unique jewelry, with its natural shape of the human ear’s cochlea, was the perfect symbol to promote hearing loss awareness and encourage dialogue about its treatment. Audiologists could embrace it as a symbol of the profession we love and our patients could adopt it as a symbol of their first step to accepting their own unique hearing loss!

I decided right then and there that I had to find a way to introduce this beautiful “cochlea” jewelry to the audiology and hearing impaired communities.

I contacted the artisans, became a distributor and introduced it at the annual Florida Academy of Audiology meeting. The response was overwhelming and AudBling was born!

AudBling jewelry is the perfect gift for anyone! Not only is it beautiful and fun to wear, but it is also a natural “conversation starter” and can lead to an open discussion about hearing loss and the benefits of treatment…a discussion that is important not only to audiologists and their current patients, but to those who are living with untreated hearing loss. My hope is that “cochlea jewelry” will one day become a symbol, much like the pink ribbon is to breast cancer awareness, of the importance of receiving treatment for hearing loss.

I plan to make available a wide variety of cochlea-themed gifts, including shirts and tees for men and women, ties, purses and more. Also if you are an artist and make any jewlery or other audiology related art, please ask me how you can use this website to sell your products.

If you would like to receive announcements of our new products and special promotions, please email me at  to let me know. As a way of saying “thank you” I will send you a “discount code” that will allow you to receive 5% off your order.

Are You A Fashion Manic Try Costume Jewelry

Fashionistas or fashion manics like to get dressed and accessorized. It does not really matter if the jewelry they choose to use are real of costume jewelry, as long as the accessories look good with the whole ensemble, then that item is the right one to use.

For those who absolutely love jewelries, remember that not all that glitters have to be real. Costume jewelries are those items which are crafted and designed to perfection without having to use any precious metals or precious and semi-precious stones. In fact, a strand of beads may make the woman look fantastic even if it were just made from PVC materials. As long as the costume jewelry is well designed and crafted and looks good on the wearer, then it would have proved its worth and purpose.

Another name for costume jewelry is fashion jewelry which is generally thought of to be inexpensive and gaudy. Truth of the matter is, there are now a lot of these which carry the name of top-end brands and designers so these items should no longer be demeaned as cheap.

In the past, costume jewelry were made from the materials considered as trash or waste and just made to look good. But today, that is no longer true. There are now synthetic materials which are made into beautiful pieces. In fact, the combination of the synthetic with materials like crystals and gemstones are probably one of the most beautifully designed jewelry found today.

For those who think that these types of jewelry would not last long, then they would be surprised to find out that there are actually some pieces in museums where the costume jewelry of ages past are now in display. With proper care and maintenance, these alternative jewelries can last a long time and maintain their appeal. With todays technology working hand in hand with the jewelry crafters, the synthetic materials last longer and look beautiful longer.

The advantages to the fashionista regarding costume jewelry are plenty, but probably the best of them is the cost. Costume jewelry offers a wide array of choices for the fashion manic and with a small budget, they can afford to buy or make them. In fact, buying one top end item can pay for plenty of these costume jewelry, unless of course if they were produced by top brands like Gucci or Dior.

Costume jewelry are sold everywhere, from the streets to the top jewelry stores. Where they are bought really depends on the fashion manic and the price is not really an issue as long as they look good.

High Fashion Jewelry is Available Online

For those who do not know the difference between fine jewelry and high fashion jewelry, the latter is traditionally cheaper than the fine jewelry because of the materials which are used. But today, more and more high fashion jewelry are surpassing the price of fine jewelry because the materials used are the precious metals and stones, the only difference is that they come in trendier designs which last a season or two.

Traditionally, high fashion jewelry meant buying a dress which comes with cheap costume jewelry. If the dress is no longer going to be used, the costume jewelry would also go with it, to the trash or to be given in charity.

Today though that has all changed, thanks in part to Hollywood. It was because of Hollywood that costume jewelry culture changed. With Lauren Bacall and Elizabeth Taylor wearing fantastic collection in their films which glittered so much like the fine jewelry, many people actually thought that they were wearing the real things. They were not.

The crafters of high fashion jewelry at that time used materials which were more expensive than the earlier ones and they also lasted longer. In fact, because the cheaper metals were being used in the WWII effort, many of the jewelry were made using silver.

Today, there is Channel and Dior high fashion jewelry which prices rival fine jewelry and use materials like high grade sapphires, cabochon crystals, amethysts, pearls combined with platinum, gold, silver and other precious and semi-precious stones.

All of this modern and traditional high fashion jewelry is now available online and it has created a craze. More and more people find they have more choices so they tend to gravitate to the sites which offer them cheaper and fantastic looking jewelry. The aim is to look beautiful and if they can easily find it online, the entire better.

Roman Glass jewelry

Roman Glass jewelry is perhaps one of the more unique lines of Jewish jewelry today. Being both beautiful and meaningful, it is easy to see why these jewelry pieces are constantly growing in popularity.

Types of Roman Glass Jewelry

This type of jewelry is available in all sorts of jewelry pieces. In today’s large jewelry market, you can easily find a wide range of Roman Glass necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, cufflinks, tallit clips and even pins and brooches all embedded with the Roman Glass.

Actually, Roman Glass jewelry is in fact not unlike other handmade gold jewelry or silver jewelry. The only difference is that its beauty is greatly enhanced by the Roman Glass which adorns it. This glass can be cut into different shapes from circle and semi circle to square, rectangle, triangle and even trapeze. This way, it can be embedded into any design and every jewel. You can find gold jewelry, silver jewelry and even silver and gold jewelry all decorated with this fabulous artifact.

The uniqueness of Roman Glass Jewelry

So what is the Roman Glass and what makes it so special? First, it is an ancient authentic artifact which dates back nearly 2000 years, to the time of the Roman Empire and the holy Second Temple. This glass, which is mainly found in the Judean desert in Israel, was actually used by the people living at that time. Researchers show that in those days, people used glass for many purposes, from vessels to decorations. Just imagine the feeling of wearing a jewel with a glass that may have been Rabbi Akivah’s or Bar Cochvah’s. Or perhaps it belonged to a Roman captain? The possibilities are endless!

What is also unique is the fact that because these glass pieces are so old and have undergone changes from nature, each piece is different. In general, the glass has a gorgeous aqua shade, yet in each piece the exact shade and shape of the facets is unique. This is a true guarantee that when you purchase Roman Glass jewelry, you are sure to own a one of a kind jewel.

Roman Glass and Jewish Pendants

One of the more amazing types of these jewels is the Roman Glass pendants. But we’re not talking about regular pendants but rather Jewish pendants. These are pendants shaped like different Jewish symbols such as Star of David, Hamsa and Chai. Once you combine these with the beautiful Roman Glass, it creates a magnificent affect. As the Roman Glass is authentic and was used during the time of the Second Temple, it truly connects you to the Jewish heritage. The different Jewish pendants also do just that. They are ancient symbols, each holding deep meaning. Once you wear such a jewel, you can’t help but feel the connection to the Jewish heritage and the Jewish people.

We hope the uniqueness and meaning of the Roman Glass is a little bit more understood now. From experience, once you’ve seen a Roman Glass, you will want to own one as well. So join the many people who are already enjoying their unique Roman Glass jewelry.

How Jewelry Displays Can Increase The Sales At Trade Show

The question of how to sell and display jewelry for the best results is one asked by all of us who attends trade shows, craft fairs, bridal expos, basically any retail or wholesale exhibition where we are selling jewelry.

For me I have found that using creative jewelry display ideas gives the best results for trade show jewelry display efforts. So here are seven reasons why jewelry display sets get you more sales at your trade show display:

1.Customers can easily see the earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings and are attracted to them and this is exactly what you want

2.Jewelry display bust, jewelry ring finger display and earring holders can be picked up so customers can have a better look at the jewelry designs and getting the customers to handle the jewelry gets you more orders

3.Beautiful jewelry display stands attract attention in their own right and you want all the attention you can get for your exhibition stand and the more people you have looking and being in front of your stand the better

4.It is easier to keep track of displayed jewelry because you can quickly see empty holes on the earring tree themselves

5.Portable jewelry display stands are quick and easy to set up to make setting up your trade show booth design easier, the same is true for pack up.

6.Unusual and attractive jewelry earring stands bring customers over just to check them out and lets you start getting a conversation going easily

7.Makes your expo trade show display stand out from the crowd and easily remembered by customers by using creative jewelry display techniques

To display jewelry to the best effect you want jewelry display fixtures that do the work for you, especially with displays that your competitors do not have. This is simply done by getting jewelry display supplies from jewelry display vendors that are outside of your area and your competitors’ area.

Designer Chain jewelry: Silver chain for men and women

For hundreds of years now, a jewel has continued as an essential part of human life. In the pre notable period too human beings accustomed to put on jewelry prepared out of either the plants or animal elements.

The ancient folk state the verity that men and women from the old Rajput families and the Royal Mughals used to load a lot of jewels on themselves, which was confined as a status and signifies the royal family. At that time, only the royal people are supposed to dress themselves in the heavy jewelry, whereas the common people had to be contented with petite and simple charms.

Chain’s a new and trendy accessory:

And with the modernization, many things have changed. With the modernity, jewelry too had seen a major alteration. Unlike the ancient period men, who used to wear loads of jewelries, the modern male mostly not favors to wear plenty of trinkets but to a certain extent sleek and smooth ones. Same in the case of women, instead of stout and intense jewelry, they don something light, sleek and classy jewel.

One of the most well-accepted piece of jewelry which is adorn by both men and women is a chain either- a gold chain or silver chain necklace. Either you are going to office or for attending a party a sleek and smooth silver chain always remains in fashion. It will never give you an outdated look. Men have fewer choices for jewelry, but silver chain for men is the best jewel that can complement them with any outfit, be it ethnic, casual, party wear or formal.

With different models and designs being presented by the well-known brands athwart the globe, silver chain have seized the trendy status of being an obligatory accessory. Instead of heavy and chunky jewelry which is a big no in offices, women can always wear a gold or sterling silver chain in office. There is a verity that a good and lustrous piece of chain aids in providing your neck a stunning look by creating it appears a little longer.

Conversely with the growing price of gold on a daily basis, for many people it becomes intricate to invest largely on gold trinkets. This is one of the reasons for higher demand of silver chains in the market. The designers craft the silver chain for men and women so beautifully, that no one could stop from buying it.

The love for colorless metal is growing almost each and every passing day. Most of the celebrities are seen carrying off silver necklace with or without a pendant. The new generation is all set to exhibit their modern look with the different style of silver accessories keeping silver chains at priority. Silver pendants and silver initial charms are other things which are very high in demand.

So if you still don’t have much collection of sterling silver jewelry, then start finding and increasing your collection with Make a fashion statement with silver now and make other feel dumbfounds.

Top Tips for Buying Jewelry

Buying jewelry is not an easy task. This can become even more stressful if you’re not aware of how to identify natural gems from synthetic or imitation ones. Moreover, there are many options when it comes to the metal. Gold is one of the many metals that are available in many different purity levels. Most can be identified easily, but some are quite difficult to tell apart.

If you are in the market for buying jewelry or diamonds Corpus Christi, there are a few things you should know about. This includes the various types of gems and metal types used in diamond rings Corpus Christi and other jewelry. Let’s look at some of the essentials that you have to go over:

Naturally Produced Gems
Gems are attained in various forms. The most valuable gems are the ones that are mined from the earth. These are known as natural gems. These gems have imperfections when they are mined. But these gems are treated, polished or cut to perfection. A natural diamond is cut and polished before it is installed into engagement rings Corpus Christi. Cutting a diamond requires precision as it has to be cut in a way which allows it to reflect the most amount of light. The price of a diamond depends on its cut as well. This is true for other gems as well.

Gems Produced In Labs
Such gems are also known as synthetic gems. They are produced by mimicking the natural process that produces them in the earth. These gems look like natural gems and share the same chemical properties. One can only tell the difference between a natural and a synthetic after extensive testing. Since these gems are mass produced, they hold less value. If you sell diamonds Corpus Christi that are produced synthetically, you won’t get as much money as when you sell a natural one.

In addition to these types of gems, there are also imitation gems. These gems only look like the original gems. They are in fact pieces of glass or plastic which are colored or treated to look like authentic gems. Much like gems, there are various qualities in metals as well. In most cases, different metals are mixed together to make them sturdy. In some cases, jewelry made from steel is coated with other precious metals to give it a good appearance.

A metal which has different purity levels is gold. In its purest form gold can’t be made into jewelry that is durable. This is because gold is quite soft and will break if molded into jewelry. Another metal that is just like it is silver. To make them durable, they are mixed with other metals. The purest form of gold is 24 karats and the purest form of silver is 999.9. The purity of gold is measured in karats while the purity of silver is measured in parts per thousand.

The purity level of gold and silver directly affect their price. The most accepted purity level in gold jewelry is 22 karats and 925 for silver. Now that you know about gems and precious metals, you can easily buy the best jewelry. Just remember to deal with reputed jewelers Corpus Christi only.

Bridal Jewellery to Suit Different Necklines

The jewellery worn by a bride on her wedding should be as unique as she is. Bridal jewellery plays an extremely important role in accentuating your look for the day. Many women consider an entire set of bridal Indian jewellery as the perfect accessories to match their wedding attire. What makes bridal jewellery sets all the more unique is that they carry with them the memories of your special day. For each piece of jewellery, one should not miss the neckline of the dress you are choosing to wear. Indian attire have different variety of neck designs for salwar kameez, churidar suits, lehenga choli, bollywood inspired blouses to pair with a saree, the bride should never ignore this major criteria before selecting her bridal jewellery.

Nowadays, brides have ample options when it comes to Indian jwellery designs and patterns. One can opt for especially custom made pieces or buy it from a jeweler. Huge traffic of online stores and designers act as a huge variety of resource for women to pick their best bridal jewellery collection. Bridal jewellery is mostly crafted in gold, but with growing awareness of fashion and trends, brides today want everything exclusively designed for the d-day. These days, bridal jewellery is created of gold, white gold, platinum, imitation or silver and adorned with expensive and beautiful stones, beads and diamonds.

In order to accessorize a designer sari, chridar suits or lehenga choli to perfection it is important to have matching Indian jewellery which will accentuate the look of the attire. Jewellery collections differ in colors, pattern and designs in order to go in sync with different ceremonies and attire. One of the pieces of ornaments that play a significant role in completing the look of a bride is a necklace. The selection of an appropriate necklace is based on the neck designs for salwar kameez, churidar suits, lehenga choli and sari-blouse. The bride should never make the mistake of buying her bridal Indian jewellery before finalizing her bridal attire.

Bridal jewellery includes bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bridal hair accessories, armbands, anklets and nose rings. Get a selection to try on with your bridal attire, keep in mind the minute detailings like color and pattern of stones and embroidery that accentuates her wedding dress. Sometimes choosing the assortment of matching accessories for the bridal attire seems very challenging. The design or style of the jewellery plays a central role but one must ensure that there is consistency between the individual pieces of the bridal jewellery set. Always, keep in mind that the jewellery assortment should not overpower or understate the wedding attire; rather, it should accentuate it.

There are actually many classifications for necklace jeweleries. As discussed above the dress and necklace combination needs special attention. Various neck designs for salwar kameez, choli blouse with lehenga, churidar suits and sari blouse should be in sync with the type of necklaces. V-necks usually look best with drop or pendant styles and if your blouse has a round neckline, it will look best with a simple round kundan necklace or choker. Square necklines usually work with all types of necklace. Pair the necklace with matching earrings for a timeless look. A wedding dress with scoop, jewel, and halter style or sweetheart neck design will work well with all kind of necklaces. Strapless and sweetheart necklines can be beautifully paired with simple styles of necklaces and a stunning pair of chandelier earrings.

Don’t miss these details and make sure the accessories blend in with the overall look for your wedding


Insights about Australian Jewellery Designers

Jewellery is the most exquisite element in women’s wardrobe collection. Jewellery is a pure feminine component that tends to endorse the elegance of a woman. The designer jewellery is in vogue nowadays due to modern styles and customized features. Due to its importance as a gift item, the women fashion ornament has a massive demand worldwide. Women love to buy jewellery and keep it for longer periods with due care due the association they have for the unique item. A major portion of women earnings is spent on jewellery items as they carry the relevant appeal and attraction.

Selection of Jewellery:
Selecting perfect designer jewellery for an event particularly engagement, wedding and other functions is always very tricky. Most women prefer to go for the contemporary designer jewellery in order to enhance their look and feel. Contemporary jewellery has the modern designs, elegance and light weight.

Due to the unique aspect of contemporary jewellery, it is preferred by women of all ages. The jewellery made of gold and silver is the most famous form of contemporary jewellery. Women of all ages love to wear gold and silver jewellery as it improves the personality and image.

Online Jewellery shopping:
The women online stores have latest collections of designer jewellery and they offer you the ease of shopping from your own home. As with majority of women, shopping jewellery comes after the choice of dress, therefore, it mostly gets unattended. The online stores give you an ease even one day before the event without visiting the store. So you are now relieved of major worries through women online stores!.

Choice of Jewellery designer brands:
Women always make the purchase decisions based on the experience of others. Wondering around the internet, you will come across variety of designer jewellery sites. Every jewellery designer has something different to offer based on the inspiration involved.
The designers design the jewellery based on their inspiration from nature, art, culture, history and variety of other aspects. This inspiration is gracefully engraved in the form of jewellery made from variety of metals.
You can choose the designer on the basis of wide collections of designer jewellery offered by the designer brand.

Australian Jewellery designers:
There are various jewellery designers in Australia that are famous for their stylish and eminent jewellery collections across the globe. These Australian designers have years of experience in this industry and have been making the most beautiful designs. Two of the most leading Australian jewellery designers are House of Baulch and Elke owned by female jewellery designer experts.

The jewellery designs offered by Elke are derived from her passion for flora and fauna and have various designs depicting the flower patterns etc. The online shopping store has a vast variety of jewellery suitable for all types of gatherings and events.

The designs made by Elke are very elegant and reflecting a pure blend of technological expertise and creativity. There are beautiful collection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants and much more. The jewellery seems to fascinate any women due to ingrained quality. Elke has presence in major cities of the world like Paris due to high demand of the luxurious fashion item.

House of Baulch:
The House of Baulch is another very famous Australian designer brand maintaining uniqueness through very stylish thematic collections. The owner Kathryn has a passion to bring innovation and artistic aspect in every jewellery design. Surfing through the products offered by House of Baulch you come across latest contemporary jewellery suitable for special events. If you are searching for spectualar designer jewellery, House of Baulch is among the best options.


The designer jewellery is famous for its contemporary collections designed by Jessica. She has been designing unique jewellery since 1997.The designs reflect elegance and a very modern touch. The designer brand uses sterling silver in order to give a decorative look to the jewellery.
The differentiating aspect of the jewellery is that the appearance of the jewellery gets improved with the passage of time. The oxidized finishing in black color can however be reapplied if necessary. You can buy a range of products in the form of pendants, rings, brooches etc to enhance your grace.

Definitions Of Jewelry Closures For Necklaces, Bracelets And Earrings

The following are the definitions of the different types of closures that are used to fasten your necklace, bracelets and earrings together:

BOX RING – A circular clap called a Bolt Ring is used to fasten necklaces or bracelet chains.
BOX CLASP – A box like hollow housing with a groove into which a tongue clicks into place to securely shut the clasp is called a Box Clasp.
BUTTERFLIES – A component used in earrings called the Butterflies attaches the earring to the ear by being slid down the post of the earring that pierces the ear.
CARIBINER – A clasping system similar to the bold ring called Caribiner is used for fastening chains.
FOLDOVER CLASP – A clasp where the hinged part opens, passes through a ring and snaps shut holding the ring securely in place is called Foldover Clasp.
FRENCH BACK – An earring system for non-pierced ears is called French Back whereby the earring is attached to the earlobe by means of tightening a screw.
JUMP RING – A Jump Ring is an round or oval ring of metal wire used at the end of a chain to which a clasp or securing system is attached.
LOBSTER CLAW CLASP – A jewelry fastening or clasp called Lobster Claw Clasp is shaped like a lobster claw. It has a spring-loaded arm to keep the clasp securely closed are used in necklaces and bracelets.
OMEGA BACK – A hinged fastening clasp called Omega Back closely resembles the Greek letter, Omega. Used to secure earring posts to the ear.
POST – A pin-like component of an earring called a Post passes through the pierced earlobe. A post is held in place by a fastening system behind the lobe, such as the “Butterfly” clasp.
SAFETY CATCH – A secondary fastening used for securing jewelry is called a Safety Catch. Usually seen as a hinged loop that snap closes one side of a clasp to another. Guarantees the safety of the jewelry should the main fastening break.
SCREW BACK – A Screw Back is a highly secure earring fastening system whereby a nut screws onto a threaded earring post.
SNAP BAR CLOSURE – A hinged, straight bar that lifts up and down to secure or release earrings is call Snap Bar Closure.
TOGGLE CLASP – A Toggle Clasp consist of a ring at one end of a bracelet or necklace and a short bar on the other end. The bar passes through the ring to sit across it, securely fastening the two ends together.

Tips for selling silver jewelry

why does silver jewelry and gemstones cost so much? This is a line which most people selling quality silver jewelry have heard often while selling their pieces. The simple reason why customers are prone to believing why silver jewelry ought to be cheaper than gold jewelry is because the price of silver is about 1/50th of the price of gold.

At the same time you know the amount of effort, time, creativity, labor (and more importantly the amount of silver) that has gone into the creation of that beautiful piece of silver jewelry. And you don?t really want to sacrifice all that, do you?

So how do you sell your silver jewelry? Here are a few suggestions that you can use:

1) Keep the pricing of all the jewelry you make in a certain range. Most galleries don?t deal in designers who sell their jewelry below a certain price range. If you are in competition with the different market players, make sure that your prices are also competitive. Also, it is important to know that most galleries generally take a percentage of your retail price as their commission. Factor that into your pricing strategies.

2) Be where your market is. This is a fundamental concept. Depending upon the kind of work you do, you should sell where people looking for your kind of work are likely to be buying.

3) Your jewel is a work of art. It is your talent and your vision. Sell that to the client ? not the materials. What you are making is not an ordinary ring or bracelet. Creating a lovely piece of jewelry involves lot of hard work and time. Convince your customers accordingly.

4) Retain your high quality. Stress on the durability of your piece of jewelry. That is always important. Your clients should know that for the price that they are paying, the piece of jewelry will last them a long time.

5) Educate the customers about the care of the jewelry. Most designers often provide a silver polishing cloth along with the jewelry. Also educate your clients regarding the gemstone that they are buying. some gemstones such as coral or pearls etc should not be polished along with the silver to retain their original luster and shine. While selling your piece, tell the customer how to best take care of the jewelry item that they have purchased.

6) Most often a beautiful (and highly priced) jewelry piece has a story behind it. Tell your clients what inspired you to design / craft that beautiful work of art. So many times, an interesting and captivating story will easily sell the piece for you.

7) Accept credit cards. Most clients buy jewelry on impulse. They may not be carrying cash or cheque books with them. Make sure that you can accept their money, in whatever mode that they can pay. It doesn?t cost much to be able to accept credit card payments. And it is often a preferred mode of payment ? especially for costly items of jewelry.

8) And the most important rule of all ? maintain your exclusivity. Don?t ever compete with mass purchased jewelry. Make sure that your jewelry pieces are exclusive and that your clients know it.

All these tips should help you sell your exclusive and quality silver jewelry and gemstones to clients and help you explain to the clients that they are not just buying a ring or a bracelet – they are buying a work of art.

Look Simply Stunning with Thomas Sabo Silver charms, necklaces and bracelets

Established jewellers Neil & Barker are proud to stock a wide range of Thomas Sabo splendid silver jewellery charms, necklaces and bracelets, all with free delivery across the UK.

Since 1984, Thomas Sabo have been crafting high-quality silver jewellery in creatively characterful designs. The craftsmanship of their pieces and huge variety of styles have earned Thomas Sabo a highly enviable reputation across the globe.

Here’s their look at what makes Thomas Sabo Jewellery stand out from the pack…

Great value style without compromise

If you’re looking for high quality jewellery at an affordable price, Thomas Sabo should be at the top of your wish list. At Neil & Barker, charm cords and colourful ribbons and bands can be picked up for less than £10, with a variety of silver pendants, charms, bracelets and necklaces under £20. At the higher end you’ll find their dazzling watches – unique timepieces crafted with care, precision and passion.

Charm Club – jewellery designed to suit you

With Thomas Sabo’s Charm Club range, you can build up your own charm bracelet, necklace or anklet to suit your own personal style and taste, with hundreds of charms to choose from. Good luck trinkets, romantic keepsakes, your birthstone, reminders of places you’ve visited, even favourite Disney characters – your bracelet will say so much about you and your personality. As you’d expect from Thomas Sabo, each charm is beautifully designed in sterling silver.

Unique rings for all tastes and occasions

Thomas Sabo’s range of silver rings range from timeless classics to more creative, surprising pieces. Their intricate designs incorporate butterflies, flowers, crowns, love hearts – even snakes and skulls!  If you’d prefer something a little simpler, consider their elegant pearl, aquamarine or diamond rings.

Even more stunning silver jewellery to choose from

With so many Thomas Sabo pieces to choose from, we’ve really only scratched the surface! You’ll also find stunning silver necklaces that’ll suit both formal occasions and big nights out on the town. Unique cufflinks including skull designs, a favourite motif of Thomas Sabo. Bracelets that are sleek and stylish, bold and chunky or intricately-designed in a rock’n’roll fashion. When it comes to silver, nobody can beat Thomas Sabo for breadth of range or quality of design.

And nobody can beat Neil & Barker when it comes to supplying Thomas Sabo jewellery. They’re a well-established jeweller who earned their very good reputation thanks to the huge variety of designer jewellery they stock, their friendly service and their speedy delivery, with free next-day delivery on all orders placed before 4pm on working days.

Exploring India’s Fascination with Bollywood Designer Jewelry

India’s tradition of jewelry making spans many centuries and is the sinew of inspiration and exploration for the contemporary designers. Many celebs be it Indian or international have been a great penchant of this enviable and indigenous Indian art. Indian market being widely swayed by the Bollywood trends, the ornaments spotted by these stars play a pivotal role in the demand and supply of the jewelry.

Indian fashion streets get flooded with the loops, neckpieces that are donned by any leading star of Bollywood. Since, female actresses in Bollywood now are not relegated to mere trophies; everything that they sport somewhere reflects the urban, strong and determined woman of today.

In recent past Bollywood has made its mark in international events, therefore Bollywood designer jewelry has now become synonymous to fashion excellence. The range of it however remains influenced by the Indian traditional jewelry with a peck of modernity appealing the current connoisseurs. In the age where craft of making jewelry is ebbing away many designers are putting in all effort to revive it.

In present day when life is fast pace people are not ready to wait but are ready to pay the money for the quality of Mughal artisanal jewelry. But the true luxury of artisanal jewelry lies in time and skillful handling of each aspect of the ornament in question. This brings into the light the decline in the skill of jewelry that undoubtedly can be attributed to the modern patronage.

Modern patronage by default has come from Indian brides to be. Indian weddings are lavish affairs and even more so when NRIs living in first world countries like USA and UK get married. Such weddings are celebrated on a massive scale and often lakhs of rupees are spent on decking the bride in gold and diamonds. Bridal gold jewelry is one of the biggest expenditure during Indian wedding and the recent revival of Jodha Akbar style bridal Mughal jewelry has definitely inspired an entire generation of NRIs to deck their brides like a Mughal princesses.

But looking at the stiff competition and innovative minds at work designers are pulling-up their socks to produce a jewelry that would knock-the- socks -off their prospective customers. They make sure that every piece of jewelry is crafted to perfection and are appropriately embellished. Jewelry unequivocally and implicitly plays an imperative role in adorning the women around the globe. But special mention of Indian women as from the archaic times, jewelry forms an integral part of Indian women’s attire.

Keeping in view the demand and scholarly taste of the customers Indian Bollywood jewelry designers are leaving no stone unturned to offer the sort after and top notch collection. This assortment is not only available for the stars but also for the fans.  There is myriad of choices available from traditional or heritage to ultra modern and haute collection, each piece is crafted to suit both Indian and western wear.

Does Water Cause Silver Jewelry To Tarnish

Being a most popular type of jewelry used in the world today, silver is loved and worn by almost all kind of people. It is inexpensive and too soft to wear as jewelry. Though there are a lot of reasons for preferring a silver jewelry, on the other hand there is also a major drawback with it. Yes, silver tarnishes and turns black. It leaves dark black, blue, purple stains on your fingers, wrists and neck. It can even leave stains on your dresses and everywhere it touches. Okay, now what makes a silver jewelry to tarnish? If you say it is water, the answer is not precisely yes!

No matter, whether the silver is pure or mixed, nothing stops silver from tarnishing. When a sterling silver chain jewelry is exposed to the air and atmosphere, a chemical reaction takes place creating silver sulfate that happens to be the root cause for leaving the black mark on your finger or neck. It is the nature of silver to react to chemical and there isnt really much to do about silver tarnishing. However, by plating it with a thin layer of metal protection, tarnishing can be prevented to some extent.

Chlorine can be said the major culprit that causes serious tarnish on silver jewelry. Chlorinated water is everywhere and this is the reason for the misconception that water makes silver jewelry to tarnish. Polish would coat the piece and add a certain amount of limited protection. It is not just the chlorinated water that makes silver chain necklaces to tarnish but anything like wool, rubber bands, latex gloves, oils from your hands and fingers, ammonia, carpet padding, air pollution, perfumes, and hair sprays make a silver jewelry tarnish. Few food items like onions, mayonnaise, salad dressing, eggs and salty foods can even make silver tarnish.

You can prevent tarnishing by storing your silver jewelry in individually sealed poly bags or zip lock bags. Store it with under cute little silica gel packs that helps in removing the moisture from the air. Cleaning your Sterling Silver Chain Jewelry with warm water and drying it with a soft cloth after you wear it, will remove any oily residue and slow the process down as well. Some people also advise storing your Jewelry with chalk just because it absorbs the toxins in the bag. Keeping your Jewelry in Tupperware or Rubbermaid Bins also works well.

Home Based Business Jewelry Making

Today you are very excited because you are thinking about how to start a new business with your jewelry designs. It will be a home based jewelry making business at first. You have selected a special place in your home to begin a new career. That is wonderful.

Home based businesses are great; many businesses have started in a home basement, a bedroom closet, at a kitchen table, or a table in the corner of the garage. It is a good start. And that is all you need.

Actually it is wise to start small. And take the necessary time to grow up with your jewelry making business and to build a solid reputation. The first time I went into business I experienced every emotion similar to when you purchase your first home. There is a mix of excitement, happiness, anxiety, fear, wonder, a sense of freedom and so on.

Take sensible business steps of education, preparation, and production and you will have the energy and stamina for a successful jewelry designer business. As artisans we are blessed with creativity and live in a world of beauty. You may take this for granted, however, because we are able to see beauty and to produce beautiful jewelry for others we are free to fee happy, relaxed and at peace with our creative employment making original handcrafted jewelry.

Because our jewelry designing surrounds us with gold, silver, precious gems, or cut glass, pearls, and beautiful charms this is our heaven on earth which make us emotionally and mentally strong and flexible to handle business or people related problems. This is an advantage that jewelry artists have working in beautiful and peaceful work settings. And should a problem arise they are calm and quick to correct the situation.

We love our work and will spend hours creating and assembling our fashion jewelry line. Therefore, we need to take time alone to recharge our body systems. I find myself addicted to making jewelry with beads and I am sure you are the same because you feel confident that you can maintain production to keep up with your customers needs and requirements.

You have also been encouraged to go into business because if you have been wearing your creations and dong word-of-mouth advertising among friends and relatives they have probably told you to get started in designing your own line of jewelry.

The fashion savvy jewellery trends

The question that has been doing the rounds for some time is “has Silver become the new gold?”

It appears fashion is saying a big yes.

Once upon a time when it came to jewellery it was all about gold.

But gold is fast pricing itself out of the jewellery market and it comes as no surprise that times are changing and the fashion for silver jewellery is the one that’s now going from strength to strength.

Gold has risen by more than 26% from the beginning of February 2011 when it was $1410 an ounce to $1780 towards the end of February 2012.  With this continuing trend the savvy jewellery buyers are moving away from gold and turning to silver.

The trend started with the teenagers and now it appears, that it is appealing more and more to all age groups.

The jewellery industry has seen this movement and is responding by creating more and more silver jewellery to supply the ever increasing demand.

The jewellery designs and gemstones that were once reserved for gold are now available in silver.

Both simple and intricate creations are proving to be popular with gemstone set pieces standing out from just plain silver.

There is now a design and gemstone for every occasion from holiday jewellery through every day wear to those special occasions.

There is a wonderful selection of silver gemstone set jewellery pendants, rings, earrings and necklaces out there at great prices.

There are some excellent online jewellery stores that are going one step further for their customers and overlaying many of their pieces with platinum and gold.

They are going this extra mile because overlaying silver with platinum and gold overcomes the tarnishing that silver undergoes with time and so keeps the jewellery you have bought from them shiny and new for longer and gives it that expensive look without the extra cost.

When looking for an online silver jewellery seller look for a store that has the information you need, such as the hardness of your gemstone [so you can see how durable it is], how to clean and care for your purchase and clear details on the silver weight, gemstones, their sizes and a good picture.

Some sites boost the price with delivery cost so, try and find one with free delivery so you don’t get any nasty surprises at the checkout.

For the fashion savvy silver is definitely making its timely resurgence as the preferred metal over gold, as specially in silver gem jewellery.

There is no surprise then that silver is fast becoming the jewellery to be seen in, with the beautiful white metal finding a special place in many a girl’s jewellery box.

What do you feel about this trend, are you now buying and wearing silver jewellery, is silver jewellery on your wish list, does overlaying it with platinum or gold make it even more special, do you think the silver price will continue to outstrip gold?

Silver Jewelry Cleaning Tips in urdu

There are several methods that can be adopted for silver jewelry cleaning. However, while selecting the method you must take into consideration the degree to which the jewelry has been tarnished. You can make use of either commercially available silver cleaning products or you can prepare a silver jewelry cleaning solution at home and use it to remove the tarnish. If you are still wondering how to clean silver jewelry, here are a few silver jewelry cleaning tips that you could use.

Silver Jewelry Cleaning Tips- Commercial Products for Silver Jewelry Cleaning
There are a lot of commercial silver jewelry cleaning products available which include silver jewelry wipes, silver jewelry cleaning cloths, silver jewelry soap, silver polish, silver jewelry dip, ultra-sonic silver jewelry cleaner, silver jewelry cleaning kits, etc. If the silver jewelry has been tarnished to a large extent and appears very close to a black color, then it is best to use the ultra-sonic silver jewelry cleaner along with the sonic cleaning liquids to remove the tarnish. Other products can be used for regular silver jewelry cleaning or for a mild to medium tarnish.

Silver Jewelry Cleaning Tips- Homemade Products for Silver Jewelry Cleaning
There are a number of homemade products that you could use for silver jewelry cleaning and these can be made easily by using simple ingredients. One such homemade jewelry cleaner recipe for silver jewelry is mentioned below.

Materials Required
•1/4 cup salt
•1/4 cup liquid dish soap
•1/4 cup baking soda
•Aluminum foil
•A large pot

Line the inside of a large pot with the aluminum foil on all sides as well as the bottom. Mix the salt, liquid dish soap and baking soda in half gallon of water and pour it into the pot. Then, place the silver jewelry in the solution and place the pot on low heat for a few minutes. Turn off the burner and let the jewelry sit in the solution for a few more minutes. Strain out the solution from the pot using a strainer and rinse the jewelry under cold running water. Make sure you wash off the solution well from the jewelry, especially the salt. Then, place the jewelry on a clean, soft towel to dry. Dispose off the aluminum foil carefully.

Toothpaste for Silver Jewelry Cleaning
Using white toothpaste for silver jewelry cleaning can give excellent results. White toothpaste should be used for the purpose of silver jewelry cleaning. Firstly, you will need to dampen the silver jewelry to be cleaned. Then, take a generous amount of the white toothpaste and apply it to an old soft kid’s toothbrush. Gently brush the toothpaste onto the silver jewelry for a minute or two, then rinse it and dry with a clean, soft towel.

You will need to be very careful about the stones in the silver jewelry while silver jewelry cleaning. Make sure you do not put any porous stones into the cleaning solution as it may damage the precious stones. Make sure you store your silver jewelry in jewelry boxes rather than storing them in paper, cotton or unlined wooden boxes. Most importantly, remember to clean the tarnish off on a regular basis to avoid too much of it building up on your silver jewelry.

How to Maintain Your Diamond Jewelry?

There are several things important and you should pay attention to your cherished diamond jewelry…

Ist. When do housework, be careful and not make your diamond jewelry stained with oil filth or bleaching liquid, oil filth will affect the luster of diamond jewelry and bleaching liquid will make the jewelry metal produce spots.

2nd. Wearing diamond jewelry when you are doing heavy works is inadvisable, although the diamond is hard and wear-resistant, but if the diamond were banged in the direction of its texture, they maybe been damaged too.

3rd. Do not put your diamond jewelry in a drawer or jewelry box together with other jewelry, as a result of the friction produced with the diamond will scratch other jewelry.

At the same time, you’d best not to wear platinum jewelry together with your gold jewelry, because the gold metal is more soft and if they had been put together they will rubbed each other, and the result is not only the gold jewelry will been damaged, but also the platinum will stained with gold powder and turned yellow, which it is difficult to be removed.

4th. Send your diamond jewelry to the jewelry store to take a check up each year, and to check whether the settings between the diamonds and its mount is loose or been abraded, and thus to repair it timely.

5th. The diamond is adhesive to oils and fats, and when they been stained with skin fats, cosmetic oils or kitchen grease, whose sheens will lost and become dull, as a result it’s best to clean your diamond jewelry monthly.

Hemp Jewelry Demand Of Young Generation.

Fashion changes with every season but there are some timeless fashion item and hemp jewelry is one of them. Trends of fashion and style keep changing but the charm of simple hemp jewelry still rules the heart of youngster. Made of colorful, plain and shaded threads studded with beads and gem these trendy and stylish hemp jewelry has earned special place among the heart of the youngsters. Celebrate the bond of trust and togetherness with timeless hemp friendship bands.

Popular among youngster, hemp jewelry kit is easy to make and cool to wear. A popular ornament among boys and girls hemp bracelets are not just a fashion statement but hemp jewelry is considered to be lucky for friends and lovers. Though bracelets are usually worn for ornamental purpose but hemp bracelet signifies love, trust and bond. Tie the bond of love and friendship on your friends wrist with style.
The craze of hemp bracelet is on top among school and college students. The simple and trendy designs of hemp bracelet make it suitable for all occasion. It has become style statement among boys and girls. These trendy piece of jewelry are eco-friendly and timeless. The knot of hemp symbolizes the bond of friendship and trust, celebrate the beautiful bond of trust and love in most stylish way with sailor bracelet. Colorful threads studded with beads and gems are an ideal gift to share among friends and lovers it conveys the lovely message of friendship and love in ornamental way.
One of the best ways to impress your beau is to design a hemp bracelet by yourself and personalize it with name initials or by adding charms. The colorful hemp weaved with colorful beads looks very attractive. To accentuate your urban look you can team up hemp bracelet with hemp necklace, anklet or just carry a hemp bag or folders.
The craze of hemp jewelry kits was on its peak in 1960s, part of hippie culture hemp jewelry are till date in demand and with the passage of time the design and look of the hemp jewelry has changed a lot. Hemp jewelry are easy to made, there are several online stores selling hemp accessories including bracelet, anklet, necklace and handbags. There you can find the wide range of items creatively designed. Find hemp accessories suiting your budget, style statement.

A Few Tips On Cleaning And Maintaining Turquoise Jewelry

Silver turquoise pendants and other turquoise jewelry are very popular, especially in the American West. It is not hard to understand that love for and fascination with the blue stone. The bright blue color of the stone has inspired many a jewelry designer to create works of art incorporating turquoise. In addition, for those who believe in metaphysics, turquoise is a positive and protective stone that provides many benefits to the wearer. So once someone has purchased a piece of turquoise jewelry, the owner must take good care of it in order to be able to use it for years to come, and to possibly even pass it on to become a family heirloom.

The formation of turquoise started many million years ago, and was formed under high stress and temperature. One would expect the product of such environmental conditions to be hard and strong. However, that would be an incorrect assumption. Most turquoise found in nature is relatively porous and of low density. In many ways, turquoise is a relatively fragile stone that needs careful attention and maintenance to maintain its appearance and quality over long periods of time. Here are a few tips for making sure that your jewelry is kept clean without damaging the stone.

Turquoise does tend to pick up dirt, grime and oil from the skin. So it is important to clean turquoise jewelry periodically. Dip a soft cloth or q-tip in warm water and use it to gently wipe the surface of the turquoise. Do not use harsh cleaners to try and remove dirt and grime. This will likely damage the stone beyond repair. Also, do not soak the stone in water. Turquoise can be relatively porous, and while a stabilization treatment may have reduced the near-surface porosity, the stone will still absorb water. So its best not to keep jewelry soaked in water. Turquoise can be relatively soft and may contain concealed zones of weakness. So do not use ultrasonic jewelry cleaners on your turquoise jewelry. When doing cleaning work around the house, first remove turquoise jewelry. If you don’t, the chemicals in the cleaners may have an adverse reaction with the turquoise. Similarly, do not expose turquoise jewelry to makeup liquids and perfume sprays. Again, the stone may absorb these fluids and slowly breakdown with time.

One important consideration is the other properties of the other materials used in the jewelry. Whatever cleaning method you choose to use, make sure that the process is protective of all materials in the piece. For example, in a cultured pearl necklace with a turquoise pendant, the pearls are in all probability, more delicate than the turquoise. So when picking your cleaning technique, make sure that your methods and cleaning materials will not damage the pearls. With these and some commonsense, you can clean jewelry without damaging the stones and settings.

Earning A Living Selling Jewelry Online

If you are looking for a way to earn money and have fun at the same time, you might want to consider selling jewelry. If you love handicrafts, you can make your own jewelry. Other people may choose to sell vintage jewelry or merely want to monetize the jewelry they already have. Whatever your intention is, this article will help you learn how to make money with selling jewelry on the internet.

There are a lot of online venues where you can sell your jewelry. You might also want to sell them at online bidding sites. If you make the jewelry yourself, you can sell them at online handmade venues. You may also want to set up your own online shop at your website.

Photos that are crisp and clear are very crucial to attract buyers, especially because they cannot see your jewelry directly. You may want to hire professionals for this, or you may want to learn to take good pictures by yourself. Either way, you should use mannequins when taking the pictures so your customers will know how the jewelry will look when they are worn.

Marketing your shop is a must. Jewelry is a very competitive business and if you do not know how to market your products effectively, you will not be successful. You might want to advertise via social networking sites or with paid ads. There are many tips and tricks to online marketing that are available on the internet.

It is imperative that you have thorough knowledge about the materials of the jewelry you are about to sell. Many peoples are allergic to certain material, especially nickel. There are also many hazardous metals being used in jewelry making such as lead or cadmium. You do not want to get sued when anyone gets allergic reaction or harm because you mislabel your jewelry.

Proper labeling for jewelry that uses precious materials such as natural stones, pearls, or precious metals is a must. To know about regulation in jewelry labeling, you should consult your country’s trade or commerce department. People in the United State should adhere to FTC or Federal Trade Commerce for the jewelry labeling issue.

Good packaging is essential in this business. It should reflect the design of your jewelry, whether your design is cute, luxurious, whimsical, natural, vintage, or other styles. For larger business, it is better to order jewelry boxes with your shop name on them.

These are some basic guides for how to make money with selling jewelry. Online business owners can also learn to market your products from general online marketing guide. Realize that you should continuously update your knowledge about marketing and jewelry.

Brass Beads Can Never Be Ignored for Jewelry Making

As one of the trendiest and stylish jewelry beads, brass beads are widely used in jewelry making for a long time. Brass beads are made by brass which is an alloy of copper mixed with zinc. As the color of brass is a bright golden, it is widely used for decorative purposes.

Brass Beads, Rondelle

Brass beads come in a pallet of colors, for example, silver plated, gold plated, antique bronze plated, red copper plated, antique gold plated, antique silver plated and etc. All the antique colors are the best choice for the vintage style. Apart from using for making jewelry, antique brass beads are used for the decoration of picture frames, candle holders, statues, napkin rings, show pieces and many other decorations.

These beads are not only available in a pallet of colors, but also available in various shapes and patterns, for instance, birds, flowers, round, hearts, leaves, tubes, trees, trolls, cube, oval, square and etc. Many of them are produced with delicate patterns. Today, the vintage style jewelry has played an important role in fashion jewelry, and antique brass beads will be a good choice. You can use antique brass beads to create only, but also can combine these beads with other jewelry beads and findings. It depends on your designs. Have you ever thought to use small round brass beads, rhodolite garnet and faceted rubies to create jewelry? If no, why not have a try? They are perfect combination. Let us make a necklace together. The materials you need are small brass beads, a brass rhinestone dangling pendant, rhodolite garnet beads, lobster claw clasp and rubies. In fact, the steps are very simple. String fifty percent of the small brass beads first, and then fifty percent of rubies. Add one more small brass bead and string the rhinestone pendant. Take the pendant as center, and string the rest beads to make this necklace symmetrically. The last step is adding lobster claw clasp on both ends. A elegant necklace is finished.

Along with the development of fashion jewelry, the fashion jewelry market is growing larger and larger. You can easily find all kinds of jewelry beads, jewelry findings and jewelry making tool in this market. And more and more manufacturers come of this tendency. There is nothing they can’t imagine but can’t do. Therefore, there is no doubt you will get a wide range of selection of brass beads as well as other jewelry materials, especially if you purchase them from online stores. Because there are tens of thousands of jewelry beads online stores all over the world.

Getting the Best Price by Selling Your Jewelry

Almost, all people face the shortage of cash in some point of their life due to various reasons. It does not matter whether you’re facing this problem for buying the new home or buying the new car. To deal with the problem, we always think, what we can sell to generate the required cash. And it is a fact that by selling your old furniture or old electronic goods, you cannot generate the required cash. However, if you have some old gold jewelry or gold accessories then you can easily generate the required cash for yourself by simply selling that gold jewelry to a local jewelry shop that offers the cash for gold. There are number of local and online shops available that offer the Cash for gold in Torrance and you can easily choose the one to generate your required fund.

Now, if you’re from Los Angeles and want to sell jewelry in that location then there are a number of shops available. But, it is extremely important for you to choose the right type of jewelry shop to sell your precious gold because, you can fall in the trap of a fraud or cheater. One thing that you should keep in your mind is that it is the weight and Karat of gold that determines its value. Jewelers normally use the troy ounce for the measurement of gold in United States. Therefore, it is important for you to first understand about the working of measurement scale before you walk in a shop to sell jewelry in Los Angeles. s.

In the current economic situation, it is gold whose price is increasing constantly. The demand of gold is huge in the market and you can get the cash for gold in Torrance according to the market rate of gold. The rate of gold changes almost every day and it is important for the people who want to sell their gold to check the exact market price of gold with a recognized organization. It is very much possible that the price that is offered by the jewelry shop is not the exact price of your metal.

Other than the current market price of gold, you should also check the exact karat number of your gold if you are looking to sell jewelry in Los Angeles. A karat determines the presence of pure gold in a metal or item. The equation is very simple, the higher the Karat number, higher will be the price of jewelry. By using the magnifying glass, you can read the karat number of gold that is written on it. However, if you are not sure about the karat of gold then bring it to an organization that can tell you about the purity of your gold.

Hope, the above information will prove to be very beneficial for you!!

Author Bio:

Nick Diamano is an expert in the field of cash for gold and has done lots of research on the different companies available that offers this type of services. He is writing on cash for gold since very long time and for more information you can visit his website: Cash for Gold in Torrance and You can also find the best sell jewelry Los Angeles seller.

Jewelry Designs for Indian Ethnic Wear

When we talk about Indian culture, traditional Indian jewelry can’t be left unspoken of. Indian ethnic jewelry is famous worldwide and jewelry designers across the globe seek inspiration from Indian style jewelry. India has been ruled by so many dynasties and has been occupied with so many ethnicities, and all of them have contributed towards the rich Indian ethnic jewelry styles. These traditional styles of jewelry can enhance the beauty of Indian ethnic attires by a great extent.

The entire world is fond of Indian style gold jewelry which has fine details and brilliant craftsmanship. Most Indian traditional jewelry types are chunky, and are adorned with engravings and motifs depicting the rich Indian culture. Let’s go through some of the most popular types of Indian jewelry styles:-

Kundan Design

Kundan jewelry also features precious stones embedded in a wonderful arrangement. This type of jewelry is generally made of gold or silver. Apart from traditional apparels, this jewelry looks good with semi traditional attires as well.

Antique Design

Antique design jewelry features dull shine and has a rough texture. It is a historic jewelry style which was worn by many ruling dynasties and other elite people, and has made a major comeback in the Indian fashion world. It looks extremely elegant with Indian ethnic apparels like a Kanchiveram and Banarasi silk saree.
Navaratna Jewelry

Many Indians believe that navaratnas or gemstones are capable of changing fortune and bringing good luck. Navaratna jewelry includes all the nine gemstones in just one ornament. You can get it in the form of necklace, ring, bracelet or bangle. This style of jewelry suits all types of Indian ethnic wear. You can wear it at times when you don’t have enough time to shop around for a matching accessory.

Bead Design

In case you want to avoid chunky jewelry pieces, bead jewelry is best for you. This jewelry is simple and lightweight. The best thing about it is that you can wear it with western style outfits as well.

Temple Design

This particular style of jewelry is greatly influenced by the Indian temples. Jewelry designers in India have sought inspiration from beautiful designs and architecture of temples to create spellbinding jewelry for many years. These designs were originally used to create jewelry for deities in temples, which are now being used by several designers to make enchanting jewelry pieces.

Meenakari Design

This mesmerizing jewelry style is an outcome of the amalgamation of two different craftsmanships, i.e. Rajasthan and Lahore. This jewelry is enamelled with gold and has precious stones studded in eye-catching designs.

Give New Meaning To Your Love With Stunning Diamond Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most loved gifts in this world. Couples love to gift each other a stunning piece of jewelry product to show their love. There are so many types of jewelry available in the market. One of the preferred jewelry products is the diamond jewelry. The glitter of love and diamond is forever. Couples prefer diamonds as it gives new meaning to their love.

If you are one such couple deeply committed to each other, you can make your relation even more special by gifting each other a sparkling jewelry product. But finding well crafted quality diamond jewelry is not an easy task. You should have knowledge about the 4Cs of diamond. It is a good thing if you buy your desired diamond jewelry from a certified Jewelry Store, New York. This kind of store offers not only beautiful diamond products but also alternative metals such as silver and stainless steel pieces. It provides a great collection of jewelry for men and women at affordable prices. If you have a good budget and want to gift your beloved something unique from famous international designers, then you can buy Pandora jewelry. The best thing about this jewelry is that it is modern and stylish. This immensely popular range of jewelry is loved by both men and women all over the world. You can buy Pandora jewelry Rockland County, NY to suit your taste. This noted store carries a wide selection of stunning jewelry for men and women studded on various metals. Pandora offers a great range of charm bracelets, beads, earrings, rings and necklaces. Their designs are unique, exciting and stunning. The wide selection offers so many options to create a new look and style for your beloved. Pandora Jewelry offers men and women based across the globe a universe of superior quality, well designed, modern and authentic jewelry products at reasonable prices. You can hand pick each and every bead and then customize it to show your true love. Each Pandora product is brilliantly handcrafted in either sterling silver, sterling silver and 14k gold, or pure 14kt gold. Every Pandora bracelet is tastefully designed to feel and look unique, substantial and spectacular. But before customizing your charm bracelets, earrings, necklaces etc, you should know the preference of your special someone. If you dont know her taste, then ask her parents or close friends after all you are going to invest your hard-earned money on it. Buy only modern, stylish, genuine Pandora ornaments. Avail the offers and discounts too.

To end with it can be said that if you want to buy quality jewelry or modern Pandora jewelry, you should visit a reliable jewelry store.

Great Ways To Earn Extra Income With Jewelry

Earning money with Jewelry has its distinct advantages. It seems like even women with little interest in Jewelry have at least a small collection of it. Another wonderful thing about Jewelry is that by definition much of it eventually goes out of style and needs to be replaced. All of this adds up to a very large continuous market. Even in a bad economy the decision for many women is not whether or not to buy but, rather how much can they afford to spend. Here are 4 great, proven ways to earn extra income with Jewelry.

Sell Jewelry at Shows, Fairs and Festivals: There is nothing better than putting up a jewelry booth at an event where people have come with the specific intent to spend their money on jewelry. Jewelry booths can present a golden opportunity especially when compared to a fixed store location where it is uncertain whether or not the ideal customers will be in the vicinity. With Jewelry booths the business is actually moved to where jewelry customers are known to be.

This extra income idea is not quite as low cost to start as some others because money is needed for a portable booth, inventory (even if you make it yourself), show entry fees, travel and lodging. However this is far less risky than renting a traditional store. Besides with a booth you can start with just one show per year if you wish until you can afford to do more.

Some of the secrets to success with this type of jewelry business is offering something that is just not available in traditional stores yet can be used for traditional occasions like work, weddings and church just to name a few.

Jewelry Shopping Service: Men are often clueless when it comes to picking out an appropriate gift for that special someone. Often men just give up the idea before it gets off the ground. This is where a jewelry shopping service can be invaluable.

The jewelry shopper will often interview a potential customer for information about their budget, the function of the gift and perhaps the preferences of the gift recipient. A small, hand-picked selection of unique jewelry is then presented. If all goes well the selection process is quick, painless and ideally produces a memorable gift that is well received.

For this income idea you must have a sense of quality jewelry that fits current and classic trends. It is necessary for you to learn how to market to and fit in with those that can afford this service.

This can be an extremely low cost start-up especially if you can acquire jewelry on a consignment basis. It can be started on a very small scale with just a few clients on a flexible part time basis. One obvious trick to this business is to do such a good job that you get lots of repeat business and referrals.

Jewelry Parties: Casual parties that introduce new products to friends, neighbors, acquaintances, co-workers and church members have proven over the years to be an effective way to sell unique items like jewelry. Sales parties can actually be low key, low pressure and lots of fun. They are also relatively easy to learn, have low start-up costs and offer scheduling flexibility. Jewelry parties also have the potential to produce a great income.

The way it works is that you look for a source of jewelry. These can include your own creations or jewelry companies that are specifically set up for party style marketing. Next you recruit people that are willing to have a simple party at their house. You provide the host with a few product freebies or a cut of the commissions in exchange for them inviting friends and family.

When everyone arrives you give a short presentation, hand out catalogs or brochures and ask for orders on the spot. Make sure the guests know that they can conveniently order additional items from you by phone or website even after the party is over. Also let them know that they are all welcome to host a party of their own for future product discounts or for pay.

One of the secrets to success with this form of jewelry marketing is to learn how to get party bookings after you have exhausted the good will of your family and close friends.

Sell Vintage Costume Jewelry Online: Some people have discovered that there is a significant market for inexpensive, vintage costume jewelry. Once sources for the Jewelry have been secured they are often sold on auction sites like eBay for a very significant profit. In fact there is at least one young mother that once sold a $2.00 broken necklace for over $2000. She currently earns a full time living at this while having a schedule that is flexible enough to take care of her school age children. She has also written a book about this business.

These are by no means the only ways to earn extra money with Jewelry but most of these extra income ideas can be started quickly with relatively little money. Another thing they all have in common is that they can make a great part time income with the potential to become a full time venture.

As always, seek out advice from those that have already succeeded in these businesses. Don”t waste your time and money re-inventing the wheel. Look for friendly experts to interview in person or for those that have written eBooks or DVD training courses.

Buy Women’s Jewellery Online To Add A Touch Of Fashion To The Personality

The best way to get trendy appearance is to wear matching accessories like fashion jewellery, bags or nice scarf or stole with your western or Indian outfit such as beautifully embellished designer salwar suit. Fashion or costume jewelleries are worn in different parts of the body like Arms, waist, hair, armlets and feet. For instance, one can use the following ornaments to decorate hair. These embellishments are Hairpins, Fascinators, hair hanglets and head jewelleries for neck, one can wear Carcanets, Necklaces, Chokers, Torcs. The jewelleries which can be worn in arms are Armlets (baju band), Bracelets, Cuff links, Bangles. One can wear the accessories like Slave bracelets, Rings, Wedding rings in hands. Women can apply the accessories like Belly chains, Breastplates, Brooches, Chatelaines and Body piercing jewellery at the different parts of the body. For feet, you can wear Anklets, Toe rings, and barefoot sandals. These women accessories give very trendy appearance to the wearer. Fashion or costume jewellery actually adds a glimpse of charm to every woman’s wardrobe. Customers can buy jewellery for women to decorate different parts of the female body. These costume jewelleries beautify the women’s appearance by complimenting the costume of the wearer.

To find a suitable jewellery collection for the designer outfit is now very handy for the people, as one can easily replace the jewellery with precious stones to a low priced costume or fashion jewellery. Even one can easily get nice collection of affordable costume jewellery to suite the beautiful look and feel, you actually want to flaunt.

The leading women’s jewellery store online provides an extensive designer fashion jewellery range from the leading jewellery brands suitable for every Indian or western costume of women.

At the online women’s jewellery shop in India, fashion or costume jewellery like women earrings and rings add charm and a sense of fashion to the female’s personality. It is actually a way to speak more about women’s personality and charm. One can experiment with costume to a certain extent, but there is an endless possibility in case of fashion accessories and jewelleries.

From the online women jewellery, one can buy designer jewellery for women from an exquisite collection of jewellery designs available in many different hues. The women jewellery India is available for all the occasions like wedding, parties, and festivals. Brides can buy bridal jewellery for the very special wedding day at the best price from these leading online women’s jewellery shops. These jewelleries actually enhance the beauty and charm of the bride. Women other than bride can buy ready-made jewellery for the wedding occasion according to their costume.

5 Jewelry Personality Types – Which Is Yours?

What does your choice of jewelry say about you?
Let’s take the black dress you might wear to a date, to a formal dinner or for a party. How would you accessorize it? Specifically, what jewelry would you wear with it?

Consider the following style types.

1. The Diva

Drama is her thing. She wears head turning signature pieces that are dramatic, but not tacky. She favors the best that money can buy. The largest gemstones, preferably diamonds, rubies or sapphires. Her jewelry feature nothing but the best, most exquisite and expensive wearable artwork.

She might wear a stunning necklace with large gemstones, that look like they worth as much as a small island. She is likely to favor dramatic chandelier earrings with diamonds cascading down her neck.

Her jewelry is likely to be gifts from her suitors. On the other hand, she might have bought them on a whim if she has the money. If not, she pass off costume jewelry as the real thing and no one might be any wiser.

Rules don’t apply to her. She makes her own rules. She could even wear an elaborate necklace and shoulder length earrings and an armful of diamond bangles and get away with it.

If she wears only a pair of earrings, you can bet those are huge diamonds worth a small fortune. Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Taylor and Beyonce are examples of divas in terms of style.

2. The Trend Setter

She is the girl or woman who sets the trends. In school, she is likely to have a group of wannabes who would do anything to be like her. What she wears is often aped by the fashion conscious crowds. She has mind of her own and is adventurous, daring to try new accessories and gets away with combinations that might make others look silly.

Jewelry wise, she is likely to wear what others are not yet wearing. She wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything that is so last season, so the jewelry she wears probably just appeared on the fashion runways for future seasons.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex In A City is a definite trend setter.

3. The Sporty Beauty

You know the look. Glowy skin and an athletic body. Some of the top female tennis stars are sporty beauties. As are athletic women who turn heads wherever they go. The classic Bond girl can be regarded as a sporty beauty. She might wear one or two great pieces of jewelry with a simple outfit that shows off her figure.

Or she might wear something basic all the time, like a tennis bracelet or a pair of ear studs. Kournikova is a sporty beauty. As is Chris Evert who started the tennis bracelet craze.

4. The Minimalist

She might not even wear jewelry. A simple dress with an amazing cut might be all she needs. Her look may naturally beautiful or ultra sophisticated. If she does wear jewelry, she is likely to wear one elegant item at any time. Maybe a pair of pearl stud earrings. Or a pendant.

5. The Practical Fashionistica

She is smart. Unless the jewelry is a gift from a guy, she is likely to buy high quality costume jewelry to wear. After all, who could tell the difference these days. She wears what is needed to gift the outfit a boost. Likely a stunning pair of crystal earrings, a necklace that sets off her dress perfectly or whatever it takes that is within her budget.

Beads? Silver? As long is it looks good on her and goes well with the outfit.

Bracelets can make a great personal statement. What you wear tells people what you are like.

If you could have any bracelet in the world, which would be your favorite?

1. tennis bracelet
2. ruby bracelets
3. sterling cuff
4. medical id bracelet
5. rhinestone bracelet

Fill Colors in Your Future with Jewelry Designing

Humans are the beautiful creations of God. Every human being living in this country has some special qualities. All humans have a unique specialty; by that quality humans are differentiated. Now every human being wants to do something in their life. People want that they have their name in the famous list of celebrities. So for getting that, they are doing struggle for their entire life. Today the growth is done in every field like as the trend of the fashion has been increased so people wanted to make their career in fashion industry.

In ancient times fashion industry is at last position. Nobody wants to make their life in this industry. They think that this is not the trend of our country. But as the time passes this industry is known by the users. Recently this has its first position. Everyone wants to make their life and career in this field only. There are a lot of options are available in this like interior design courses, jewelry designing courses etc. There has a very wide rapid growth is present in this industry. This industry has a very high scope in the field of interior designer. Statistics say that gemstones and handmade jewelry of the fashion industry is growing at a rate of 40 percent and present at its third position in the world.

There are a plenty of institutes will offer a jewelry design and handmade courses. There is a popularity of courses are present in this industry and students choose from there according to their passion and their interest. Students choose from these courses which include degree courses, diploma courses, certification exams, accessory design courses, computer aided design course and post graduation courses in Jewelry design. These all courses are short term courses; you can apply for these after 10+2 and eligibility criteria is depend on the type of institute, but that criteria is not so high, it depend on your quality and capacity. These courses are not so much costly courses, these are cheap and everyone can do these courses, if he/she will fulfill the eligibility criteria. Appearing in jewelry design certificate is not so critical and you can easy get the certification for this. People from any background would apply in this certification, all you need to have some knowledge about the jewelry, colors, fashion trends and easy to accept all the changes.

Interior designing is also the part of the fashion designing courses. You can make your career bright in this field also. By this course you can do interior decorating of your house also. It is a very good perspective of making your own wishes live. This is the time when people are thinking to decorate your home in innovative style and according to the fashion trend which is present recently. Certain institutes and companies are offering this type of courses to enhance you in the fashion industry.

Nude Jewellery in London offers a wide variety of courses for increasing your skills. This company offer a wide variety of courses related to jewelry designing. This will provide and explain a number of techniques from which you can design your own jewelry and also decorate your home. For applying in this company and get the registration in this, no previous experience is required. You can apply anytime in this company. They are providing the courses which are not so expensive; in reasonable investment you can get better experience and lots of benefits in this company. You will learn many tips and techniques from the experts. By this you can learn as much as you want. This course is also not so much time consuming. You will get better benefits and many advantages in a very less time. So for making your career in the field of jewelry designing is also the best choice.

Endless possibilities with jewellery

Women are fanatical about tiring new and imposing design of jewellery. Jewellery is never out of fashion but certainly keep on changing its trend with time. While it come to jewellery, priority to contain one or additional, in traditional or fashionable differ from being to organism these jewellery accessorieshave speckled uses and generally they locate to get better the form of a person. It improve exterior of a being in the day to day tiring.

The basic benefit of exhausting jewellery firewood to the fact that it allow one to hold a absolute new and better look every day by jut shuffle the trend. Tiring a number of gold jewellery substances like earrings, jewels and manacles can reasonably change the whole look of the group that one is into. Jewelry fashion accessories are usually damaged for daylight to day work placed parting purposes as healthy. Wherever one has a severe dress system or consistency is necessary, the required to be dressed in glow and simple going knick-knacks adds up to the method. On the whole, the gold jewellery curios help one to seem the most excellent.

This day nearly every one of people wears Diamond jewellery to confirm off the best petition of personality and to appear sole. This is because these diamonds are accessible at inferior tax but reflect a compelling daze. One container chooses to acquire some superb, looking genuine silver piece that is attached by semi -precious gravel. These types of choice are kept superior to the counterfeit jewelry. These pieces are some indisputable looking studs and fling a permanent feeling of one is conceited to dress in them. Also, diamond jewellery does not do not anything as well than plentiful you complete high outline look. Gemstones are unquestionably some of the most excellent and most beautiful resources our wonderful Earth has given us.

Many people collect loose gemstones, but few realize how significant it is to have a little information of what to seem for when shopping. Nowadays there is an extensive option of gemstone jewellery on the market whether it is sold in shops or on the internet. Stones come in every kind of colour imaginable and there is jump to be a gemstone to costume your method.

Gemstones are as well connected to your birth month, the zodiac, and wedding ceremony anniversary and so can put together superb gifts, and in adding up there is copiousness of in order about their healing properties widely available on the internet. These days, gemstones are widely appreciated and admired among youngsters as a mode of fashion statement. On internet, you not only get huge variety but also a huge discount and offers on different kind of jewellery.

Tips to Attract Customers with Lovely Jewelry Display Stands

If you are a fashion jewelry retailer, you should know the tricks to attract customers to your jewelry outlet. One way is to use beautiful display stands to show off the jewelry pieces. To know more, read along.

When it comes to running your own fashion jewelry store, presentation of the ornaments should be done with utmost care. The best pieces of jewelry may go unnoticed if they are not exhibited properly. Different kinds of display stands are used in jewelry stores to highlight the jewelry pieces. Effective use of these display items can even increase profits in the jewelry business. Here we are discussing some of the benefits of using display stands in jewelry stores.

Attract Customers: When the pieces of jewelry are well displayed, it naturally attracts the customers to your outlet. Whether they buy the jewelry or not, they will definitely think of going through the jewelry collection at store. If you use attractive and rare types of jewelry display stands, customers may even visit your store to have a look at them. This can pave way for a smooth conversation and can even lead to sales.

Better Access to Customers: Some jewelry stands like jewelry display busts, jewelry ring fingers and earring holders can be picked up by the customers so that they can have a better look at the jewelry pieces. When they are given this privilege, it leads to more sales too.

Keep Track of The Jewelry: When you arrange the jewelry pieces on display stands, it is easy for you to keep track of the pieces. This cannot be done when the jewelry pieces are kept in jewelry boxes.

One of the best ways to bring a unique look to your jewelry store is to get display stands that are attractive. For this you may have to contact display stand wholesale dealers and get the best varieties of display stands to make your jewelry pieces attractive.

There are a few things to be careful about while choosing display stands to show off your jewelry pieces. While it is true that these display stands help attract customers, a shiny or glittering display stand could also distract or irritate a potential customer. To avoid this situation, you should be sure as to what kind of products you would be displaying and then choose the display accessories. Different varieties of display stands are available in plastic, metal and glass. You may choose the best one that suits your jewelry’s style and texture. For instance, if you wish to display a necklace, it can be neatly exhibited on a display stand that resembles a human neck rather than pinning it to the wall.

Apart from using great display stands, you should also be careful about the lighting of the store, the setting, colors of the interiors and the salespersons. Taking all these into consideration, you can gain huge profits out of your fashion jewelry business. By creating a brand image in the minds of the customers, it is obvious that they will come to your store again in anticipation of buying those gorgeous pieces of jewelry showcased there in a beautiful and organized manner.

Advices for Jewelry Online Shopping

Jewelry has become a popular seller online in recent years, so you’re bound to see thousands of designs while shopping for jewelry on the Web. How do you choose what type of jewelry and where to buy it? It’s will be more easy with following jewelry online shopping advices.

The jewelry market is one of the most complex markets in the world with literally thousands of types of jewelries from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, finger rings and all fashion accessories that cater for women’s tastes. Online shopping offers the buyer the possibility to choose from hundreds of shops without going from store to store and wasting a lot of time searching for the perfect jewelry.

Sterling sliver jewelries are becoming more and more popular among jewelry buyers because they come at an affordable price and also stand out from all other jewelry due to the purity of the silver which is quite exquisite. These jewelries are the perfect compromise between cheap jewelries and very the very expensive ones which aren’t accessible to the regular buyer due to the fact that they come at a big price.

Lots of online shops offer this kind of jewelry for potential buyers who always have a great alternative to other types of jewelries due to the fact that quality can be found at an affordable price. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or a necklace, sterling silver jewelries come in all shapes and sizes, satisfying everyone’s tastes, making them an ideal solution for a present.

Fine jewelry is available online for up to 50 percent less than you’d pay retail. For such a large investment, however, you’ll want to be sure you’re buying from a trusted and reliable source – and that you have done enough homework to make a smart decision.

Another advantage of online jewelry shopping is that you don’t have to stand in line when you want to purchase something also online shops are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Besides this, many online shops have special offers from time to time, price cuts and other similar advantages which put them in front of regular shops.

On many online jewelry shops you can find comments from customers which bought products from that shop, this is a great way to find out what other people think about the jewelry they had already received which will help you decide whether to buy or not from that jewelry store.

If you are confident that the site is secure and reputable, browse the categories (“sterling silver”, “freshwater pearl”, “necklaces”, “bracelets” and so on) or do a site search using the special keyword of the item you are looking for, such as “sterling silver bracelet,” “gold earrings,” “jade pendant” and so on.

Also, online jewelry stores have a contact section where you can ask questions about whether the product is available or not, this is a great way to find out more information about a specific product like its availability, shipping, payments and other similar questions.

Well developed jewelry websites present their products in a very professional matter, giving the visitor a clear idea about that specific product. Complete information can be found on the site regarding all of their products making the buyer’s life easier because they can have all the information they need about a certain product so they can easily decide which product to buy.

When you are searching for jewelry on the Web, be sure to narrow your search scope to the types of jewelry you like. Use specific styles, materials and themes to narrow your search. It’s even better if you can find an online mall and search for jewelry all in one place. These online shopping malls often offer categorized jewelry items with photos for easy shopping.

All in all, combining online jewelry shopping with sterling silver jewelries you get the perfect way to make an ideal gift to your love one, at a reasonable price. Just by clicking a few mouse buttons you will make someone’s life way happier with a piece of sterling silver jewelry.

Last Friendly Notice: Once you’ve found what you want, take the online price to your local jeweler and see if he or she will give you a similar item at the same price. This can save you shipping and handling costs and the hassle of returning something that you don’t like through the mail.

How To Take Care Of Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold-plating is usually used as party or costume jewelry. However, if you are unable to afford gold or gold-filled jewelry, there are several steps you can take to preserve your gold-plated jewelry.

1. Keep gold-plated jewelry away from hard surfaces. Bumps and scratches will cause the gold layer to wear away faster.
2. Store your gold-plated jewelry in a velvet lined jewelry box, or wrap it in a soft material that will prevent scratches.
3. Lightly wipe your gold-plated jewelry with a damp cotton cloth. This will help to eliminate any dirt or dust from accumulating on the surface and wearing away the gold layer.
3. Use a non-abrasive jewelry polishing cloth and gently rub the gold-plated jewelry to restore shine.
4. Take the gold-plated jewelry to a local jeweler where they can replace the gold layer. This may be necessary if the gold-plating has already started to wear off. Check with your local jeweler to see what they charge for this service.

With the changing trends, gold plated Jewelry has ruled the fashion industry. When today gold Jewelry is like a dream to afford and wear with rising prices, the gold plated Jewelry has opened up the options to wear the fabulous choice of jewelry with the marching outfits on special occasions.

If, you are out for Jewelry shopping, checking out gold plated Jewelry can prove to be wise move. Basically this type of Jewelry has got the silver base having a thin layer of gold polish on the surface and can be easily located for online shopping on internet.

Since the layer of gold polish is very thin, it has a tendency to get wear away with time even if one preserves it properly. The wearing process hardly takes any time. This type of Jewelry is also known as costume or party Jewelry, it is hardly used for regular use. But still care and proper precautions to keep it in a wearable state is important. So, here we have few steps mentioned that will guide you about the apt ways of caring for your gold plated jewelry.

Few of the crucial care tips for gold plated Jewelry advices to keep the Jewelry away from the getting in touch with hard surfaces. Make sure that it doesnt get the bumps or scratches that are highly prone to cause wearing away of the gold layer from its surface.

It is advised to store your gold plated Jewelry in a box having an inner velvet lining. Else than this, one can also keep safe such type of Jewelry in a soft cloth material. Always clean your ornament using a damp cotton cloth.

To restore the shine, use a non-abrasive Jewelry polishing. Once it gives signs of wearing away, take the jewelry ornaments to the local gold Jewelry and can handover the task of polishing after confirming the charges.

When it comes to Jewelry shopping, gold plated jewellery is easily available online. With few clicks you can trace all such sources. Online shopping has made it convenient for one to check out all the crucial details, designs and compare prices from the vast range of choices given.

Indian handcrafted jewellery – From Vedic era to modern day

It has been the inherent nature of human since erstwhile era to beautify its look via several modes. Along with apparels, cosmetics and plenty of fashion accessories, jewellery has also been an enchanting way to glamorize the persona.

When it comes to India, the jewellery is being used here since the Vedic civilization. Apart from the Vedic literature, two great epics Ramayana and Mahabharata are also replete with the descriptions of plenty of jewellery items. The Agni Purana, Vishnu Purana, Brihat samhita also throw light over a large number of jewels, which were used for crafting the jewellery. In the Manusmriti (The Law Code of Manu), duties of a goldsmith have been clearly defined. It also indicates that goldsmiths held a higher standing in comparison to other artisans, probably, because they work with precious metal and stone.

We also found the mention that by the 3rd Century B.C, Indian handcrafted jewellery was in immense demand and it was exported to various countries all over the world.

What’s more! World-acclaimed Ajanta paintings of around 4th & 5th century AD also portray the people wearing more jewellery than the cloth. Further, during the excavation at Mohenjo-daro and other sites of Indus-Sarasvati civilization, host of Indian handmade jewellery have been unearthed. It signifies that women as well as men of ancient era were conscious enough towards their beauty and hence used to wear ornaments made of gold, silver, ivory, copper and several precious and semi-precious stones.

But, it’s indeed interesting that Indian handcrafted jewellery was used not just for the personal adornment. But, in addition, it was used for embellishing the God and Goddess statues in the temples. More amazingly, the ceremonial elephants and horses were also decked with several jewellery items. That’s why, jewellery crafters were extended royal patronage. Hence, they had mastered host of skills for making the masterpieces of jewellery.

The Indian fashion jewellery also flourished during the Mughal period. With the influence of Mughal, the Indian meenakari jewellery and Indian kundan jewellery came into existence, which caught the attention of worldwide fashionistas.

The modern Indian jewellery reflect the western as well as regional influence through its slew of patterns. Today, you can find out a huge collection of jewellery, which contains Indian artificial jewellery, Indian coral jewellery, Indian sea shell jewellery, Patwa jewellery and many more.

The designs of these trendy jewellery exudes a captivating appeal and these go well with casual as well as formal occasions. These can be worn by working women as well as homemakers along with Indian as well as western attires.

Jewelry with the right mix of religion and fashion

When you want the best of both, a piece of jewelry that is a mix of religion and fashion then there are quite a few to choose from. You might want to look at the kabbalah red string bracelet which is supposed to be quite customary as it is known to keep the wearer away from misfortune and the evil eye. It is traditionally made from red wool and tied on the left wrist of the wearer. However, now you have several different fashionable styles to choose it in. The kabbalah red string bracelet has become such an iconic fashion statement that you will find several popular celebrities in the United States and around the world wearing it. Madonna has made the kabbalah red string bracelet extremely popular as she has been seen wearing it most of the time. The other stars who have sported Jewish jewelry are Zac Efron, Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears and Vanessa Hudson to name a few.

The latest jewelry version of the kabbalah red string bracelet is that it can be interwoven with 925 sterling silver, and the red string to give it that stylish and chic look. Also, this makes it sturdy and durable. Moreover, if you are looking for that perfect piece of Jewish jewelry and that works as a lucky talisman as well, then there can be nothing more apt then the kabbalah red string bracelet. There is quite a bit of religious history behind the wearing of the kabbalah red string bracelet. it means that the red string when wound seven times around the tomb of Rachel will bring about spiritual and magical powers to the wearer and protect them from all sorts of destruction. The kabbalah red string bracelet is supposed to ward off diseases, poverty, and any other kind of misfortune that is linked with bad luck. This is certainly the best way to showcase your chic trendy side with the wonderful kabbalah red string bracelet on your wrist. If you want to personalize this then you can go ahead and wear the kabbalah red string bracelet with a hear pendant on it. you might want to go further and have it engraved with your beloveds name on it or a personalized message and gift it to the person you love.

If you are considering getting yourself another piece of wonderful Jewish jewelry than there can be nothing more wonderful than the Hamsa. The Hamsa is a traditional and most divine powerful symbol in the form of a hand with the five fingers on it. This symbol denotes the protection of the universe.

The Hamsa is also called the hand of god. It can be got in several different formats such as the ones with the words in Hebrew written on it such as Shma Israel or a blessing on it. The Hamsa can be worn around your neck like a pendant and is usually made of sterling silver and polymer clay. The technique used to put it together is called millefiori which is the latest cutting edge technology in making jewelry of this kind.

The Hamsa is such a popular symbol that you can gift it to anyone and they are going to love it. It is one of the most famous and well known of symbols in Jewish jewelry used to ward off the evil eye and enhance good luck. When you gift the Hamsa to someone it automatically states that you love the person and want all kinds of good tidings to befall them. It is a sort of blessings transformed to the person and your beloved is certainly going to be enchanted to have this. in fact, the Hamsa as a piece of Jewish jewelry is so very versatile that it could be gifted to almost anyone. The Hamsa can be got in several different shapes and laden with different kinds of stones too. The best ones are the ones that are handmade and crafted with a lot of attention to detail. The millefiori technique used to put it together is a kind of technique that if oft repeated in order to get an overlapping of colored designs.